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    iPad Alternatives in India

    This is a guest post by sitakanta. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    The success of iPad has popularized the concept of tablets. Unfortunately Apple introduced the iPad in India only to clean up its inventory before the launch of iPad-2. The value of iPad may go down significantly once iPad-2 is available. So if you are planning to buy a tablet, then you should consider two good alternatives from Samsung and Dell. We shall look at important features and price of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak. If you are looking for a cheaper iPad alternative, then you may be disappointed because the Samsung Galaxy Tab price in India is Rs. 27,218 and the price of Dell Streak in India is Rs. 32,190. That is very much comparative with the price of iPad which starts at Rs. 27,899.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab-Features and price in India

    Samsung Galaxy Tab price in indiaThe Galaxy Tab boasts of a 7 inch screen with a 1024 x 600 pixels resolution which makes it an excellent choice for people planning to watch movies on the tablet. The big attraction is its weight (or rather lack of it) as the Galaxy Tab weighs less than 0.9 pounds which compares with 1.6 pound weight of the iPad. It has 1 Giga Hz processor (same as the iPad) and a 512 mb RAM (twice that of iPad).
    The Galaxy Tab looses out to the iPad on the software front as it runs on Android which was originally designed for mobiles. Even then the multi-tasking capability of this tablet from Samsung is much better than that of the iPad. The lack of apps for the Android market is another dampener though. However with Android overtaking iOS in sales, we can expect that situation to change soon.
    Samsung has made it real easy to watch videos with its drag and drop functionality. It features most of the expected features of modern mobiles including accelerometer, onscreen keyboard etc. Unlike the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab supports flash and hence you can view all your favorite flash based websites without any issue. The battery life is quite impressive with an ability to play video for 7 hours on a single recharge.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab price in India is Rs. 27,218. This price is obtained from online stores.

    Dell Streak-Features and price in India

    Dell Streak Price in IndiaThe Dell Streak has a 5 inch screen with 480×480 pixels resolution. Depending upon your preference you may find it too small for watching videos or too convenient for carrying around in pocket. The touch screen of the Streak is made from Gorilla Glass which makes it the most scratch resistive tablet available in the market.

    If the Galaxy Tab is for viewing video, the Streak makes it super cool to use social networking applications and comes with inbuilt widgets for the same. You can upload pictures taken with it to Facebook without any issue. It has awesome support for Google voice search functionality as well. The Streak comes with two cameras and it is the only tablet with a front facing camera. That makes it super cool for video calls.

    Last but not the least, if you are planning to buy any of the tablet, then get a headphone as well because it can be super inconvenient to hold such a large phone to the ear.

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    1. Tony says:

      Does it really an alternative for Apple iPad ?

    2. haha you guys still have some alternatives, in some countries they don’t. But hey, the ipad is pretty overrated imo. 🙂

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