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    Top 5 tips and tricks for the HTC Android G1

    This is a guest post by ItisreallyNick. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    The HTC G1 is often dubbed a veteran of the smart phone market; but it is also the phone which many consider to have set the benchmark for all smart phones since its release in 2008. The first phone to use Google’s Android platform, over 1 million G1’s were sold within the first 7 months of release.

    It’s hard to contemplate the massive technological and functional leaps which have been made in the mobile phone world over the last 10 years. Often those new to smart phones simply expect there to be the same features as older handsets but done in a ‘cooler’ way. The simple truth is that a massive percentage of G1 and moreover smart phone users have no idea as to how powerful a tool their phone can be.

    If you are like me and never read user manuals cover to cover; then you may have missed out on a whole heap of functional and often exciting shortcuts available on the G1. These shortcuts’s will hopefully save you time, lead you into other shortcuts and ultimately put a smile on your face:

    1. Turn the G1 into a portable translator

    Not so much specifically a function inherent to the G1, but something which it’s powerful Android OS allows it to do. Google’s new online translate service allows you to speak a word or phrase into the handset and sit back in wonder as Google translates and pronounces it back to you in the language of your choice.  The G1 facilitates Google translate through it’s fast dual core processor, fast connectivity and use of browsers.

    2. Turn the G1 into a portable hard drive

    We all have bundles and bundles of data stored at work, home and often on other devices. Why not consolidate by turning your G1 into a portable mass storage device. You can add a 16gb SD card to the phone which can fit the majority of documents and files you will need. Plug in your G1 to your computer > navigate to settings > SD card & phone storage > select use for USB storage. Now just use the folder which will appear on your desktop to drag and drop the files you need.

    3. Keep a better eye on your battery life

    Nobody I know will testify to the G1 having a particularly lengthy battery life, in fact compared to the majority of new phones the battery life is pretty poor. Which is why using BattClock makes so much sense; it displays time, battery life & free memory on taskbar. Seeing battery life as a percentage will reduce the risk of you being caught short at an important time.

    4. Quickly save images from the web

    Sometimes you may want to save images or files you come across whilst browsing the worldwide web. The G1 allows you to easily select and save images for use in texts, emails or just because you like the look of something. Press and hold the image in question for 3 seconds, an option window will appear asking if you want to save or view the image. It is worth noting that there may be more options available depending on the image properties.

    5. Wirelessly sync with your iTunes account

    A feature which iPhone users have been crying out for arrived in the hands of android users toward the end of 2010. An application called TuneSync allows you to use your HTC G1 to sync your iTunes playlists wirelessly with your Mac or PC. It really is as simple as downloading and installing TuneSync, creating the playlists in iTunes you want to share a quickly syncing them with your phone. The app costs $4, but there is a ‘lite’ version available with a 20 song playlist limit.

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    1. tracy ingram says:

      I am waiting for the 4g version to come out right now and i think it releases at the end of this month.

    2. very good tips…I thought some apps etc wud be used when I just read the tiitle But gud to know that ist without any app and just needs some focus on it.


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