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    How to Get the Status Bar in Firefox 4

    Firefox 4 browser was recently released by Mozilla. I upgraded the Firefox browser to 4. To my surprise i saw that the Status Bar was missing in Firefox 4.

    Status Bar in Firefox 4 is more like a on or off thing. It comes up when there is any information to be shown. For instance, if you hover the mouse over the hyperlink, the Firefox 4 Status Bar would show the URL. Move the mouse away, status bar will be hidden.

    Firefox 4 Status Bar

    I always like Status Bar always to be on. Lot of people like me who would like the Status Bar to be always On in Firefox 4 would be looking for a hack.

    As far as i know, there is no Hack to get back Status Bar in Firefox 4. But there is an Add-on which can get back the Status Bar.

    Status-4 Evar Add on will give you the old Status Bar in Firefox 4.

    How to Get back Status Bar in Firefox 4

    1. Head over to Status-4 Evar Add on
    2. Install it and restart the firefox browser

    Thats all! you are done. You should now see the Status bar in Firefox 4 browser.

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    1. Jack says:

      Mozilla Removed clutter, and gave us maximum screen space. And made it lean and fast. Things like this just clutter it back up. And probably slow it down.

    2. tracy ingram says:

      Thanks for the info I didn’t know how to deal with it after the update

    3. Rakesh Kumar says:

      I had remembered that by a accident i lose my Firefox status bar i was didn’t aware to solve this problem. But now i have the solution. Thanks

    4. Michelle says:

      Thank you so much! I was lost without my status bar. I hate changes like that.

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