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    Keywords: Beyond SEO Norms

    This is a guest post by Warner Carter. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    You can’t talk about search engine optimization without encountering the term ‘keywords’. A keyword is SEO’s main tool in bridging all its processes. Website content and design are ineffective elements without the use of the right keywords. Keywords serve as building blocks of an effective SEO campaign.

    We always associate our SEO processes with keywords. Whether you are an SEO Reseller or an SEO provider, you are responsible for defining and explaining keyword usage to your clients. SEO experts conduct extensive research to identify the most highly-ranked keywords for many niches. These words, which may be single words or phrases, are what Internet users enter in search engines as queries. When we are confined to this definition, however, we end up missing the whole point.

    Keywords - Beyond SEO Norms

    Keywords are products of a target market’s thoughts and behavior. These are words and phrases that are ranked according to the frequency at which people use them as search engine queries, a sum of human thinking computed through a search engine’s secret algorithm. In simpler terms, search engines serve as survey channels to record an Internet user’s way of thinking through the words he or she uses as search engine queries.

    So what is the actual point here?

    Some SEO Resellers explain keywords as terms and phrases that are the most popular queries used by your target market. Search engines rank these words according to popularity. SEO resellers may miss the point of explaining keywords as part of their target market’s behavior. Those keywords can help any business owner reach a certain target market, with minimum effort and time. Keywords can be considered as reflections of your target market’s thoughts and emotions.

    When you rely on keywords alone, or when you allow your clients to understand that keywords are dictated by the SEO reseller and provider, you are actually sending the wrong message. Clients should completely understand what keyword research and usage mean, how keywords are determined, and which keywords to use in relation to their target market. Otherwise, they’ll be starting the SEO process on the wrong foot.

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    1. Rakesh Kumar says:

      Here i got new ideas related to keywords strategy! Thanks Warner

    2. keywords ar e must in SEO but with Keywords if you refer Meta Keywords tag then Google doesnt consider it in Search Engine ranking


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