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    How to Undo four most important actions in Gmail mobile web application

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    Archiving, deleting, adding or removing a label, moving a message or conversation are most frequently used options by any user. What if these actions happens unexpectedly with in seconds while we are in another thoughts..? Google Gmail Mobile Application correctly guessed this most frequent error prone areas and added the option to Undo these actions.

    how to Undo delete, move, label rename, message delete  Gmail mobile actions

    How to Undo Delete, Archive or Removing Label, Moving Message or Conversation in Mobile Gmail

    While you are working with Gmail Mobile Web Application. If you do any of the four above most frequent actions. One small yellow bar(observe the screen shot) with the option of Undo will be displayed. Click the Undo button to undo the action immediately.

    If you don’t happen to catch your mistake in time, not to worry: all four actions can still be undone through other means (e.g. you can move a message from Trash back into your Inbox).
    Google Moblie Blog : Bryan Logan, Software Engineer

    This tip works for the browser of your Android or iOS device. So while doing any of these four actions ,don’t miss anything which is important for you.

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