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    Google ToolBar 7.1 answers five most frequently asked questions of common user

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Recently i installed Google Toolbar 7.1 on my Firefox Browser and I found that it is worth useful. While i am using Google Toolbar i found that it can show the solutions to the most frequently asked questions of common users.

    Best Features of Google Tool Bar

    1. How can I improve the speed of my browser..?

    To improve the speed of your browser, Goto Google Toolbar options -> Search and make sure that the option Enable prefetching to load web pages faster is selected. This option allows Google Toolbar to save or to pre-fetch the host names for the pages you frequently visit to help make webpages load faster. However this option is selected by default. Toolbar regularly clears saved host names, but you can also clear all host names by clearing your browser’s history.

    2. When i use the Google Search Box option for searching, I want to show the search results either in new window or new tab, how can i do that..?

    You can open the search results in the current window, new window or new tab. You can set this at Toolbar options->search->open search results in ->New Tab. I prefer for New Tab because Current Window overwrites the contents with results, New window opens other windows which makes large number of windows occupies in your task bar.

    3. My computer screen size is small, how can i hide the Google Tool bar without losing all the functions..?

    If you are using small computer screen. Then I suggest you to use the option Replace Firefox search box and hide Google Tool bar which is available at Toolbar->Layouts. This hides the google tool bar on the screen and makes more space for you on the browser. You can access all the tool bar buttons by clicking the button(arrow) just next to the search box. If you want to bring tool bar again just click the button (arrow) just next to the search box and click on Show google tool bar. To select the Google Tool bar options Click the button (arrow) next to the search box and click on Manage.

    4. How can i search the meaning of any word in dictionary in my browser itself without opening any thing in single step..?

    Google tool bar provides very good option, from which we can search directly to any website using google search box. If you want to search in dictionary, type your word in google search box and click on the button(arrow) next to the search box and select dictionary.com(blue book) . This method can be used to search any word in Google Blogs, orkut, search sites, google images etc. directly.

    5. Where can i find other Google Tool Bars Buttons ..?

    As per Google 1.Wikipedia 2.Facebook 3.CNN 4.BBC News 5.Gmail are the most popularly using buttons in Google Tool Bar. Here itself you can select your favorite toolbar buttons from the categories News, popular, Tools, Communication, Fun & Games, Finance, Sports, Life Style, Technology, Reference.

    I think above five features can help you in using Google Tool Bar efficiently. Still there is a lot of options in Google Tool Bar which can answer many questions. Please suggest your tips on Google Tool Bar and comments on this article via comments section.

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