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    Six useful tips for selecting the best USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive)

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Every PC user prefer to use USB Drives. CDs and DVDs are using only for data backup purpose. USB Drives are flexible for storing and haring the data among the computers easily. USB Drives can also be called as Pen Drives, Sticks, Flash Drives, UFD(USB Flash Drive)s. I prefer to use the term UFD because the Memory used in these are Flash type and the interface for connectivity is USB. Since flash memory is completely digital one it won’t contain electro magnetic parts, won’t make any noise and Physical damage risk is also low.

    Besides the above benefits, USB Drives can also be used for installing operating System, improving the system memory to speed up the computer , running portable operating systems like Prayaya and many more reasons. So it is very important for any PC user to have a quality Pen Drive with him. So i am sharing the six best tips to help you in purchasing the good USB Flash Drive.

    1. Memory Type: Generally read, write speed of the drive depends upon the Flash Drive chip used in the manufacturing of USB Drive. Two types Flash chips are using in the Sticks, which are 1.SLC (Single Level Chips) 2. MLC (Multi Level Chips). I suggest the Pendrives made with SLC chips Drives, because of its long life time, speed data transfer rate etc. SLC stores 1 bit data in one cell, where as MLC stores 2 bits data in one cell. But the cost of the SLC type drives are more than MLC Drives.

    2. Reading and writing speed of Drive: Now a days USB 2.0 drives are using mostly. An USB 2.0 type drive can read 34 MB/ Second and write 28 MB /Second. Observe the read / write speed of your USB Drive. Only few brands are printing the read / write details on the box. For Example If you observe Transcend 8GB Drive box you can see 30 MB / Sec. reading speed and 25MB / Sec writing speed. If you purchase the drive without knowing these details you may experience slow data reading and writing problems.

    3. Inquire the Brand: Many USB Drives brands are available in the Market. 1.Transcend, 2.Kingston, 3.Sandisk, 4.Lexar, 5.Corsair, 6.A-Data, 7.HP, 8.Lacie, 9.Crucial, 10.OEM are the top brands available in the Market. Inquiring before purchasing helps you to get better idea based on your requirements.

    4. Check for best casing: Always see the casing and finishing around the USB Drive. Ensure that casing is perfect and strong. If the Drive casing is lose or not in good standards, or it is delicate then your Drive case may be removed or broken easily . Means if case is damaged early your pen drive life time also decreases.

    5. Better to chose multiple Drives: Choose multiple USB drives, rather than purchasing only single Stick. If you have multiple Pen Drives you can use them separately for multiple works like for important data storage with password protection, running portable applications, movies, songs storing etc.. Capacity of drives recommended for various tasks are given below.

    Only for Documents – 1 GB to 2 GB.
    Photos and Documents – 2 GB to 6 GB.
    Videos and Movies – 4 GB to 12 GB.
    Running Portable Applications – 4 GB to 12 GB.
    Improving Virtual Memory – 1 GB to 4 GB.

    Not all but atleast try to maintain two drives, to get more benefits from the USB Drive.

    6. Stick Size: Last but not least it is better to observe the size of the Drive. Try to choose slim type Pen Drive. Otherwise if Flash Drive width is more you can not use more than one at a time. Very small size Drives have more chances of missing, so try to tether them with Key chain or any fancy article.

    Bonus Tip: Protect your Pen Drive confidential data with 256bit encryption and password | Download Free USBsafeguard

    I think above six points helps you in purchasing a best USB Drive.

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    1. Andkon says:

      This is so great, very useful sharing.. I have been waiting this device since. I think my friend read your article because he was the want telling me stuff like this.. your UFD. Now I know where he gets this idea.. I will surely buy UFD for my personal needs. great sharing very nice article. I really appreciate it!

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