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    Dreambook ePad 10 Plus – is it a cheap iPad competitor?

    Dreambook ePad 10 Plus was announced by Pioneer Computers Australia and will be released in May 2011 and many wonder if they are trying to compete with the more expensive iPad. It has a price tag of no more than $330 and is currently available on pre-order. It is included with software such as market application, Facebook reader, Adobe Reader, MSN, YouTube, Skype, eBook – Text, HTML, EPUB, PDF, Email support and more.

    DreamBook ePad 10 Plus Pioneer Computers

    Specifications of the Dreambook ePad 10 Plus Tablet

    • Android v2.2 Froyo Operating system with Flash 10.1 supports
    • Built-in G-sensor
    • Powered by 1.0GHz ARM11 processor
    • 1.3 megapixel webcam and mic input interface built-in
    • 512MB RAM and 4GB flash storage
    • HDMI output, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port
    • 10-inch touchscreen display, pixels resolution 1024 x 600
    • 10/100 MB Ethernet interface
    • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity
    • Dimensions: weight is 700 grams, and 272 x 170 x 10 mm
    • Battery life of four hours
    • 1080p video playback
    • SRS stereo sound
    • Supports built-out keyboard and mouse
    • Card slot support of up to 16 GB

    Can it be a cheap iPad competitor?

    The Android device market is seriously expanding with several Computer makers trying their hand at producing the sought after devices. It is a big question on everybody’s lip whether manufacturers are trying to come up with an iPad competitor. It is definitely cheaper so it is actually quite unfair to compare the ePad with the iPad although it comes with a similar design to the Apple iPad. Reviewers and current users of the Apple iPad however agrees that it may very well be competition for the iPad with the features it carries. Comparing the features and usability it may very well be worth the buy especially when prices are compared.

    It may be possible that the first ePads compared badly against the iPad and we are not talking about price now, but spec’s and the improved Dreambook ePad 10 Plus compares very favourably against the iPad. For weight and connectivity alone the ePad wins hands free, but we will have to see upon release of the ePad this month what users of the device has to say.

    written by Andy G win driver updates at bravofiles.

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    1. Eric Graham says:

      Hey Andy,

      I actually have been considering getting a tablet by motorola but it is still pricey that I just thought of just getting the newest ipad. This epad though seems to be way way cheaper than the rest of the tablets available. I’m just wondering though how tough this gadget can be.


    2. Jack says:

      The only really bad thing that would discourage me from buying this “E Pad” is the 4 hour battery life. Four hours is pretty good for a full powered Laptop, but for one of these low powered tablet devices I would want a bare minimum of 6 hours, and preferably more. I get four hours out of my Core 2 Duo dell latitude D630 with a 9 cell battery. And I have a much more powerful system with 4 gigs of ram and a 500 gigabytes of storage. The only two things that tablets really have going for them over a laptop are portability and long battery life. With this systems four hour battery life, you’re down to only one advantage. At that price {$330} I would rather have a Dual core Netbook. Plus when you close a netbook the screen is protected.

    3. Atulperx says:

      Well Apple offers best fetures but main back point is that nothing comes free with Apple products. All good applications are paid ones but still they have large maco fans in market. So the competition will be tough right now …

    4. ShoutBloger says:

      Looks like the iPad will be down soon, much heavy competition for iPad

    5. never heard of this aussie co. so no sure if the investment will be a safe one

    6. Martin D says:

      The ePad is a bit of a cop out name 0 what next epod and ephone muk water pro

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