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    Rare Midnight Solar Eclipse June 1st & 2nd, 2011 – Surya Grahan 2011 – Partial Solar Eclipse in India Time

    A Rare Midnight Partial Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan will occur on June 1st – 2nd, 2011. This Solar Eclipse will occur in the Midnight and will not be visible in India. But, It will be visible from the High Altitudes of Northen Hemisphere. It means Partial Solar Eclipse on June 1st and 2nd, 2011 will be visible in most of the countries which are nearby Arctic Circle where the Sun is visible for 24 hours during summer months. This is the first solar eclipse of Saros cycle 156, only visible as a partial solar eclipse over a small area off the coast of Antarctica. At greatest eclipse, the magnitude will be just 0.097.

    Rare Midnight Solar Eclipse June 1st & 2nd, 2011

    Following are the countries where Partial Solar Eclipse June 1, 2011 will be visible :

    • Siberia and northern China at about 00:55:18 IST and the maximum eclipse will occur at 02:46:11 IST
    • Northern most Norway, Sweden and Finland will get to witness the rare phenomenon with an eclipsed Sun hanging above the northern horizon.
    • Canada, China, Iceland, Japan and North Korea

    Lunar Eclipse or Full Lunar Eclipse which is the first Lunar Eclipse in 2011 will occur on June 15 and will be visible from India. The next partial solar eclipse will occur on July 1 in the Southern Hemisphere and will be visible a D-shaped region in the Antarctic Ocean south of Africa. Since the July 1 eclipse covers a remote and uninhabited portion of the Earth, it could very well be an eclipse that nobody will see.

    The largest partial solar eclipse of 2011 will happen on November 25 and the event will be visible from the southern South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania and New Zealand.

    World Map showing the Path of Partial Solar Eclipse on June 1st, 2011

    Partial Solar Eclipse June 1, 2011 Path

    Hindu Rituals during Solar Eclipse / Surya Grahan

    • Do not perform any work during Surya Grahanam
    • Temples are closed during Surya Grahan
    • Take bath in Ganga or Brahma Sarovar rivers on Solar Eclipse
    • Chant Mahamritunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva and Ashtakshara Mantra of Lord Shri Krishna.

    Do’s and Don’t during the Solar eclipse

    • It is recommended to avoid or postpone to perform any important tasks or deal during the eclipse day
    • Fasting is recommended , Many people in India observe fast on the day of eclipse
    • Avoid eatables from outside
    • Avoid cooking during the eclipse timing
    • its recommended to Keep the food and eatables closed during the time of eclipse.
    • Hindus perform ritual bath after the eclipse is over
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