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    Apple’s iCloud: What it is? How it Works?

    iCloud Service, Apple’s latest service was launched by Steve Jobs at Apple’s annual WWDC [Worldwide Developers Conference] in San Francisco. iCloud Service is the long-awaited service which was introduced.

    What is Apple’s iCloud Service

    iCloud Service from Apple

    According to Steve Jobs:

    how the act of synchronizing multiple devices has “broken down” of late.


    With iCloud Service, Apple users who are using any of the iDevices can now be used to keep the photos, files, videos in sync by keeping or hosting them on the Apple Cloud. iCloud can store music, photos, videos, apps, calenders, documents, contacts and much more. It wirelessly pushes from your iDevices automatically to the iCloud. This will help users to get the content from the cloud. They can be anywhere in the world. Just the device has to connect to the cloud and get the data.

    The good thing about this service is that all All iOS devices can talk to the cloud whenever they want, with instant propagation to all other devices.

    How much GB Free storage does iCloud Service give?

    Users can get 5GB of free storage for mail, documents and backups; purchased music, apps and books don’t count.

    This new iCloud service completely replaces MobileMe. .

    According to Steve :

    We think it’s way more than that. iCloud stores content (think contacts, calendar, photos, music), with wireless push to all devices. And with APIs providing developers with hooks into iCloud, all apps can take advantage of the service. However, bandwidth constraints are still a huge challenge. So with content like movies, which require so much space, we’ll have to see what happens. But just starting with documents, cloud computing will fundamentally change how we write and collaborate on projects.

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    One Comment

    1. KC says:

      I think I’m one of the few who just “doesn’t get” Apple – I hate having to use their products.
      I got an I-Pod shuffle as a gift once; the usability nearly killed me – why couldn’t it have been as easy as dragging and dropping the files I wanted?
      Apple, to me, just seem really good at hyperbole and creating an artificial level of demand in a market that doesn’t really need a whole chunk of their products.
      If I’m the only one who thinks this, and I could well be, could somebody please explain what I’m missing out on? Sometimes I imagine I’m a philistine, others I guess people are being taken in by the emperor’s new clothes…

      Another thing I’m always wary of are moments like Steve Jobs saying:
      “So with content like movies, which require so much space, we’ll have to see what happens…”
      Shouldn’t Apple have fine tuned any problems BEFORE release?

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