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    Solar Flare 2011 Outbreak – Strongest in last 5 Years

    Solar Flare was observed by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite on June 7th, 2011. It is the strongest solar flare in last 5 years.

    The strong solar flares sends out geomagnetic storm in the space. If its path is towards earth then it can cause damage or affect the satellite communications and then hit the Earth’s Magnetosphere and cause problems to Power grids and Semi conductor devices.

    Solar Flare 2011 Outbreak - Strongest in last 5 Years

    According to Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite observations, in addition to a small radiation storms, but the solar flare 2011 broke out accompanied by a flare and a coronal mass ejections.

    According to scientists, large number of magnetic charged particles of solar wind would reach Earth at 16:00 GMT on June 8 or so. They are also contemplating that the solar flare may cause ionospheric disturbances, a brief interruption of satellite communications and satellite positioning system, causing the “storm” phenomenon of Earth’s magnetic field away from 150 million km.

    The National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction Center Project Coordinator Bill said

    this is very dramatic explosion. He pointed out that medium-sized solar flares peaked in the Eastern Time 1:41 (Greenwich Mean time 5:41) on June 6. The solar flare size they first observed is not large, in the subsequent eruption, they observed high-energy particle radiation and large-scale coronal mass ejections. They observed all ejected material from the solar surface, very spectacular sight.

    If you want to see the solar flare, Just check out the skys on the north horizon in the night. You might see the dancing lights due to the solar flare.

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    1. Tess says:

      I wonder since this can affect electronics, I bet it can affect people like it does every thing everything else.

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