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    Use Powerful 10 Gmail Gadgets to Spice up GMail

    Gmail users can try out Gmail Gadgets aka iGadgets. These are simple but powerful gadgets which make life easier for Gmail Users.

    It is an Gmail feature in Labs. Just “Add any gadget by URL.” and specify the URL which is an xml file to the side of your Gmail account.

    You can follow the steps below to Install Gadgets in GMail:

    1. From your Gmail account, go to the Labs tab of Gmail Settings.
    2. Look for the Lab “Add any gadget by URL.” Enable it, then click “Save changes.”
    3. Go to the new “Gadgets” tab under “Settings” and add the relevant .xml address.

    Top 10 GMail Gadgets you should try:


    Look for a specific query right from Gmail.

    Google Calculator

    Make some quick calculations while typing an email.


    Add a sticky note to the corner of your Gmail account.

    Remember the Milk

    If you’re a fan of this task management system, accessing all your “Remember the milk” notes from right within Gmail can be super handy.


    Gives you the time of day for any place in the world.

    Currency Converter

    A real time currency converter.

    bit.ly URL shortener

    Lets you shorten URLs in a single click.

    Chuck Norris fact generator

    Displays a different “Chuck Norris fact” every day of the year. http://marsupialmusic.net/stu/scripts/chucknorris.xml

    Finally, you might be familiar with the last two gadgets, since they are also available as individual Gmail Labs:

    Google Calendar

    Displays your Google Calendar agenda right from Gmail.

    Google Docs

    Gives you quick access to your most recent documents.


    via Gmail Official Blog

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