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    GMail to introduce Inbox Sytle – Pick your favorite one

    Google has always made lot of changes to GMail. GMail has evolved over the years into a very good email service for the online web users. From now, Gmail users can use any of the several new inbox styles which will help users manage the mail in the way they like or suites them. Just turn the feature on and sit back. Users can then choose a Gmail inbox style that they like the most by just selecting any of the tabs at the top of the Gmail inbox.

    Following are the new Inbox Styles in GMail

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    1. Gmail — Google’s Gmail system is organized differently than any email system I’ve seen in the past. While its unique layout may be efficient in some ways, for the average personal email user it might be more confusing than necessary. Unlike most inbox layouts where sent messages are categorized in an entirely different area than received, Gmail organizes messages according to conversations. For instance, if a message is sent to someone from a gmail account and there is a reply, that reply will be stored in the same category. While this might be convenient for those who might frequently need to reference a series of messages, it may be inconvenient for those who might rarely use replies. I believe Gmail might be tied in with other Google services, which is a plus. Nonetheless, while might be preferable for things such as business email accounts or things of that nature, those looking for something basic may want to look elsewhere.

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