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    New Gmail Gadget for iGoogle by Google

    Google will introduce the new Gmail Gadget for iGoogle. This new Gmail Gadget has new features + improments to the existing features. You can check email, watch videos, catch up on the latest news, check the weather, and more.

    This new GMail Gadget for iGoogle is also rolled out for mobile gmail version so that mobile users can also make use of this!

    The new Gmail gadget is fast, looks good in small spaces, and includes popular features like search and labeling. By default, it appears in a minimized window (shown above); if you expand it into canvas mode by clicking on the maximize button in the upper right hand corner, you get the two pane view until now provided only on tablet devices (shown below). Going forward, the Gmail gadget will be updated with new features in tandem with the mobile edition.

    via Gmail Blog

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    1. Tess says:

      Wow I had not heard too much about this. I will have to check it out.

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