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    HP TouchPad – A Failure Or A Success?

    This is a guest post by calscott. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Although HP TouchPad did manage to snag some positive reviews in its favor, most people had a negative feedback to give. So what went wrong with this new tablet? First and foremost, unlike other tablets in the market, HP TouchPad is a lot heavier. Many people complained about their arms aching from carrying the tablet only after few hours! Also because the tablet measures 0.54 inches, it is also thicker than the original iPad! One wonders what HP was thinking because these days people prefer electronic devices that are lighter, smaller and easier to carry. Since it is none of those, it is automatically getting disapproved by a lot of people. However, the design of the tablet is awesome due to it shiny black cover and nice round corners.

    Another thing that people didn’t like about it is that even though it has a front 1.3 megapixel camera, it cannot make video calls which renders the camera useless. Also it doesn’t have a back camera. One can always live without a back camera but people like having more options. The biggest reason people didn’t enjoy HP TouchPad is because it is new in the market so it has very limited application options. This makes it tough for HP to snatch the market because the iPad has so many cool applications that people will most likely prefer it over HP.

    The HP TouchPad would have been successful if its webOS had run faster and smoothly without a glitch. In fact even with the lack of applications, many people were still looking forward to getting their hands on the HP TouchPad due to its webOS. But due to the disappointing and slow performance of webOS, many individuals have simply deemed iPad 2 as a better alternative.

    The good things about HP TouchPad

    Many users weren’t happy with the interface or the webOS. But there were few people who found the TouchPad’s interface flexible and nicer. Whatever said and done, one thing for sure is that HP TouchPad is more compatible with different email services and messaging services. The triage email feature is one of the most outstanding things about the HP Touchpad. It was also described to have an awesome compatibility with third party calendars. One other surprisingly good thing about HP TouchPad is that it has very nice speakers so sound quality is great.


    The thing that disappointed consumers about the HP TouchPad was that they were expecting it to start giving tough competition to Apple’s iPad. This is not the case. Only a few reviews have deemed the HP TouchPad as the second best tablet in the market but many feel that it has a long way to go. Since it is the first tablet to come out by HP, one can hope that HP takes customer feedback seriously and fixes all the problems that individuals have with it. Overall, the HP TouchPad still managed to get some positive reviews from people who overlooked its bulky form so the future doesn’t seem so bad for the tablet.

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