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    EmailIntervention.com : Request your friends to switch from outdated email to GMail

    Google has launched a new website http://www.emailintervention.com/. This website is created for those who would like their friends or relatives still using some outdated email service and you would like them to switch from it to GMail.

    As I mentioned before, I started using GMail just after Gmail was introduced. I got it via invite and then I invited lot of friends and asked them to join as well. All those who joined and me are in love with GMail service. We like the service.

    So friends, If you haven’t tasted GMail then I request you to try it out. I am sure that you would definitely like it!!!

    It’s for these folks we created emailintervention.com, a site that makes it easier than ever to help your friends and family make the switch.

    EmailIntervention.com Video

    Staging an intervention is simple:

  • Visit emailintervention.com
  • Sign in and automatically identify who from your contacts has yet to make the switch, or just enter a friend’s email address manually
  • Choose from one of three intervention message templates (“straightforward”, “concerned” or “ embarrassed”), and add your own intervention video if you’d like
  • Send a customized email and follow up as needed
  • Via GMail Official Blog

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    1. Tioman says:

      Cool idea by Google, they’ll always came up with new idea that blows your mind out πŸ™‚

    2. Sam says:

      I am such a big fan of everything google related and that includes gmail- they seem so good at integrating their products so they mesh really well together. I use google and gmail for all of my business related work.

    3. PC Driver says:

      I agree with @tioman … google always come with cool and good ideas πŸ™‚ that’s why i love google πŸ™‚

    4. Having an updated email is crucial for any business. Your email is your lifeline. That is why most IT companies will update your email for you right over the phone. They can create your gmail account for you, then usually transfer your data. This is what is known as managed services. It is extremely helpful for any business.

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