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    10 things you must know before purchasing netbooks

    This is a guest post by Mahender who blogs at StepsandTips. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    Netbooks (or Notebooks) which looks pretty nice attracting the people who planning to buy a new computer. Before buying know something about Netbooks, which helps you in estimating whether the Netbook is sufficient for your requirement or you need some thing else.

    1.Comparison: Personal computer or Laptop or Netbook which is perfectly suitable for you..? You can judge this only when you know the differences among PCs, Laptops and Netbooks
    . Basically PCs (Desktops) and Laptops are more powerful than Netbooks. PCs and Laptops helpful for using High processing (eg.Video editing, CAD etc..). Where as Netbooks are especially designed for browsing web, preparing documents with wordprocessing, spreadsheets and powerpoint tools.

    10 things you must know before purchasing netbook

    2.Netbooks Limitations: Like every object in this world has its own limitations, netbooks also have its own limitations. We can use some tips to overcome Netbooks Limitations. For example Netbook won’t have CD/DVD Drive. Since Netbook is designed for external use adding Drive will increase more overhead on this. We can use USB Flash Drives, External CD / Drives in data tranfers.

    3.Netbooks Memory Management: Netbooks Primary and Secondary Memory information helps to choose a better Netbook. Many netbooks now a days offering Primary Memory of minimum 1GB RAM. Secondary Memory varies in Netbooks. Some brands provides Solid State Drives (Flash Memory) which are costly but speed. Some brands provides SATA Hard Disks which are relatively slow than SSD Memory and cheap.

    4.Netbooks Configuration: Some people calls Netbooks as mini laptops. Because it won’t have all the components that Laptops have. Know the Configuration of Netbooks in detail before buying your Netbook. Most netbooks contains comparingly low capacity processors than PCs and Laptops.

    5.Skins, Designs & Colors of Netbooks: Netbooks main strength lies in its look. Netbooks Skins with nice Designs and colors improves its look. Now a days little amount is enough to select awesome skin for your netbook from unlimited varieties.

    6.Netbooks Battery Backup: Since Netbooks are designed for External (outdoor) Usage, long battery backup is much essential. Processors and other components used in Netbooks consumes less power to get long battery backup in Netbooks.

    7.Anti Virus in Netbooks: Windows 7 provides better Anti Virus solution for Netbooks. Don’t use other antivirus products if you are using windows 7, because multiple anti virus products may slow down your netbook.

    8.Netbooks Screens: Starting from 9 inches (actually 8.9) Netbooks screens are available.Netbook Screens selection Tips helps you to select a best netbook screen. Screen size and type plays important role in your eyes and backbone health. So spend some time to select better screen.

    9.Netbook Brands : Popular Netbook Brands are available in the Market. So do some analysis and comparisons on Netbooks before purchasing. It gives you a more better idea on price and configuration of Netbooks.

    10.Netbooks Partitions Management: Most of the Netbooks comes with single partition. Do not Disturb Netbooks Partitions, because you may lose your genuine operating system. Try to habituate yourself to use folders instead of drives. Use USB Flash Drives, Cloud space to save your data which are not very costly in now a days.

    I think these 10 tips gives you some idea on Netbooks for buying a best piece as well as using it effectively. All the Best.

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    1. Music says:

      I absolutely agree with all of this. Although, for me a netbook would never work, it is just way too small, no need to strain my eyes. But pretty much the same principles apply when looking in to notebooks.

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