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    What we know and don’t know about the iPhone 5

    With the late September release of the iPhone 5 quickly approaching, fans from around the world are scrounging for a glimpse of what this much-anticipated piece of technology may have in store for them. This does mean that there are a few hard facts that have been leaked from the friends at Apple, but it has also ushered in rumours that are being spread at an alarming rate. Here is a quick breakdown to separate fact from fiction in the world of the iPhone 5.

    One of the few pieces of information that Apple has publicly released is a handful of profile shots of the iPhone 5. This may not come as a surprise to many, but the phone is nearly identical in appearance to the iPhone 4. While it may be slightly thinner and lighter, the build is very similar. Apple has always been known to stick with the physical platforms they believe are successful, such as the MacBook Pro, so it is no wonder they have opted to continue on with this tradition.
    What we know and don’t know about the iPhone 5

    With the recent release of some major software and hardware upgrades, there are a few specs that the iPhone is sure to house within its case. The first is the operating system, which will be the most recent iOS 5. This mobile operating system was developed for the iPad 2 as well as the iPhone 5 and offers a few advantages over previous incarnations such as automatic updates and syncing to protect information on the phone. This smart phone will also house Apple’s most recent processor, the dual-core A5. This lightning fast hardware combines the GPU and RAM all in one place. Due to recent news over the legality of unlocking iPhones, Apple will most likely make their iPhone 5 available with SIM only contracts to reach a greater variety of customers.

    Outside of a few other minor details, any other information about the iPhone begins to move in a much more controversial direction. One of the biggest debates is currently over whether the iPhone 5 will be 3G or 4G. Many have speculated that the iPhone 5 was originally intended to be 3G as that was the primary wireless connection during its development. This means that Apple may have not counted on how quickly 4G technology would have been popularized in Verizon’s and AT&T’s advertising campaigns. It may be found out later on that the iPhone 5 did in fact get changed over to 4G in the final stages of production.

    Another point of contention in the world of the iPhone is over the screen and the camera. Apple got a jumpstart on the market with the first forward-facing screen for seamless video chats. Since that point, every other company has taken camera technology and run with it. They have produced high-definition, 3D cameras with nearly double the megapixels of the iPhone. Many are wondering if Apple is going to upgrade their cameras and the quality of their touchscreen to match competition such as the Thunderbolt and Atrix.

    All of the other information moves into the world of wild speculation. Many other rumours are based off of unfounded reports streaming out of parts manufacturing companies and company insiders. One of the few hard facts that remain is that this phone will become one of the most anticipated pieces of technology to have ever been released to the mobile world.

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    1. iphone 5 is the much awaited phone after iphone 4 …. NOw i want iPhone 5 no matter how costly it is

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