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    Download Unofficial VLC build for Android devices

    An Unofficial VLC build for Android devices has been made available for Download at XDA Developers. Most of us use VLC as the media player on the desktop. We use it even though we have alternatives.

    VLC Player has made a landing on the mobile platform, but that was on iOS and the player was removed from the app store following some licensing issues that arose between the developers of the program.

    Recently, VLC 2.0 was launched for the desktop and now we have a mobile version both iOS and Android devices.
    VLC for Android
    Folks over XDA Developers have gone ahead and compiled and created the app for Android devices and is available for download.

    The app is based on the VLC 2.0 source and it uses native VLC libraries to decode the various media formats. Like VLC on the desktop, it’s safe to assume that the mobile app will also run all formats, flawlessly, except for DTS, MPEG2 and Theora, which haven’t been implemented, yet.

    Build information :

    Built using latest android SDK & NDK :
    – android-sdk-r16
    – android-ndk-r7b
    There are 3 build variants :
    – ARMv6/ARM11
    – ARMv7a/Cortex-A8/NEON
    – ARMv7a/Cortex-A9

    Common devices list :

    Snapdragon S1 → ARM11
    Snapdragon S2/S3 → Cortex-A8/NEON
    Snapdragon S4 → Cortex-A9
    NB: Check Wikipedia to find if you have S1/S2/S3/S4 Snapdragon.
    Tegra 2 → Cortex-A9
    Hummingbird → Cortex-A8/NEON
    Exynos → Cortex-A9
    OMAP3 → Cortex-A8/NEON
    OMAP4 → Cortex-A9

    Unofficial VLC for Android Devices Features :

    Gingerbread & ICS support
    Compiled using VLC-2.0 source tree as base
    VLC libs for media decoding
    Hardware acceleration support
    Headset detection
    Almost all media formats *should* be working (except DTS/MPEG2/Theora not implemented for now)
    Streaming not implemented for now
    → Use BubbleUPnP instead (thanks vulcanfk)
    Remember that this is still WIP

    Download Unofficial VLC build for Android devices

    Download Unofficial VLC build for Android devices

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    1. That’s awesome. We’re huge fans of the Windows VLC player, so we can’t wait to try this on our Android devices.

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