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    [SOLVED] – Adobe Flash Player plugin not working on Firefox 13 – only white screen visible no video

    Recently, I upgraded the Firefox browser 12 to Firefox 13 version. I then noticed that any website showing videos using Flash player was not rendering. The place where the video should appear was filled up with either white screen or black screen.

    I was surprised to see that. I then went to Google.com and searched for adobe flash player and reinstalled it. It still didn’t work.

    I then came up with the following solution I moved to the new 13 version, but there is a white screen where the video is supposed to run. YouTube is also showing an error (not playing video).

    Please follow the below steps to Solve Flash Player problem on Firefox 13

    Solution to Adobe Flash Player not visible and not working on Firefox 13

    1. Open Control Panel -> Program and Features
    2. Look for Adobe Flash Player plugin and Hit on Uninstall button
    3. Now Launch Firefox and visit www.youtube.com
    4. A yellow bar at the top of the Firefox will appearing to prompt the user to install Flash Player Plugin
    5. Install it

    Whoa!! Now you will be able to see the videos from firefox.

    Hope this solves the issue. If not and you have got any other solution, do share by posting the same in the comments area.

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    1. MDub says:

      This DOES NOT work therefore it should not say solved. Adobe and Firefox ARE STILL trying to come up with a solution to the problem.

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