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    Database Performance Tuning – A Lengthy Process

    Your database is like a car engine, and it needs to be tuned regularly so that it performs correctly. To save time and money, keep your database running at its optimum level with a tune up. If you leave the problem for too long they become less productive.

    You may find that your database is no longer capable of matching up with the demands of your business – this is a sign that you need a tune up. Your server and network will be negatively affected by such rapid expansion. The real problem is that your customers will be affected, and that should always be avoided.

    Remember that you are trying to make a profit, and this is impossible if your customers are unhappy. Not satisfying your customers does not only remove the chances of getting repeat orders and customer loyalty, it could also lead to bad customer reviews that smear your company’s reputation. All your systems and processes should point towards only one direction – customer satisfaction.
    Database Performance Tuning

    Analyzing database performance can identify bottlenecks. This way you will know exactly which processes are slowing you down. Even though your system runs perfectly in the beginning, if you leave it without tuning it the bottlenecks could ruin your company.

    Most database performance analysis checks involve a test of the overall configuration of your database, the functioning of the indexes, and possibly a need for LSI – SQL performance tuning. Any business can benefit from this type of test – the results will show if you need to optimize applications or change your network structures. Most businesses have advanced computer systems that involve OS, existing software programs, business database, contact database, hardware, and system networks and so on.

    A complete architectural design review forms part of more thorough database performance reviews. Architectural tests investigate the quality of the design of the database itself. Needless to say, a poorly designed database will perform poorly, and may, therefore, need a complete redesign of its architecture beyond mere fine tuning.

    Often, a simple analysis or assessment of your applications, memory, OS and so on does not make the cut. Be prepared to make significant change based on what your experts recommend. Analysis findings will identify existing problems and recommend necessary changes.

    Be warned that implementing such drastic changes is quite a process. Consult your partners and discuss all of your options before you implement these kinds of changes. Have a plan in place so that your business is not interrupted in any way during database overhauls.

    Remember that after you have made all of the necessary changes, you are going to have to do a re-analysis. Re-tests may be more revealing than original tests. The re-tests could lead to a complete re-do, which could be downright depressing.

    It takes time, resources and effort to make the most of your database performance tuning. If done properly, however, a review on your SQL performance will bring good results to your business. In the long run, it is you who will benefit most, no one else.

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