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    Should You Consider Database Performance Tuning?

    A database is like an engine – it needs to be maintained in order to perform correctly. If you are not happy with the way that your database is working, then you should consider tuning it. When a database is left alone too long, it can break down all together.

    You know that your database application needs fine tuning when it is not keeping up with the fast growth of your business and capabilities. Other applications that run on the same server or network may also be affected. A poor database could lead to unhappy customers.
    Database Performance Tuning
    You cannot generate profit if your customers are unhappy. Not only do you run the risk of losing that customer, they could also spread negative comments, which can harm the company’s reputation. Every element of your business should be geared towards keeping your customers happy.

    One of the benefits of database analysis is that you can identify bottlenecks. Such a performance analysis will show you exactly what is slowing you down. A bottleneck can prove catastrophic regardless of the initial performance of your staff or systems.

    Running a database performance analysis could also help you diagnose your configuration and indexes, and may also necessitate an LSI – SQL performance tuning. The results can help you to optimize the overall performance of your computing systems. A computing environment is made up of OS, existing software programs, business database, contact database, hardware, and system networks and so on.

    Depending on how thorough you wish to review your database performance, the process may include a complete architectural design review. This means evaluating the quality of how your database was designed. If you have a weak foundation, your database will never function correctly, and it may need a complete overhaul instead of just tuning.

    Unfortunately, a shallow analysis of the applications, memory, OS and so on is not enough. It is imperative that you listen to what your expert says. The analyst you use will be capable of finding problems and recommending changes.

    You should know that making these kinds of changes is not easy. In most cases, you might want to think things over and assess the overall direction of your company. Changes and improvements on your database application may need step-by-step deployment and an overall strategy so that your people and daily operations will not be disrupted.

    Before you accept the changes made, re-analyze your system. In some cases these tests are even more valuable than the initial tests. In some cases there is a need to start all over again.

    Even though database performance tuning is essential, it requires significant time, resources and effort. If done properly, however, a review on your SQL performance will bring good results to your business. In the long run, it is you who will benefit most, no one else.

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