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    How to protect your system from DNS Changer Malware

    DNS Changer Malware is the most talked malware / virus attack on the cyber world. It is a threat to the Internet Security. Experts have said that one has to be extra cautious and make sure he/she takes all proactive measures to secure their PC / Laptop from this deadly malware.

    What is DNS Changer?

    DNSChanger is a malicious software (malware) that changes user’s Domain Name System (DNS) settings there by allowing/enabling cyber criminals to direct unsuspecting internet users to fraudulent sites. It is observed that malware is on the rise. So as a precautionary step, I request you to clean up your system before July 9, 2012 and avoid the consequences.
    DNS Changer Malware - How to remove from your system

    What happens if my computer is not cleared before July 9, 2012?

    If your computer is infected and the system is not cleaned, you will not be able to logon to any websites. Most of the websites you will visit will end up with a “PAGE NOT FOUND” webpage on your browser.

    How do I detect if my computer is infected with DNS Changer Malware?

    1. Visit any of the websites http://dns-ok.us | http://dns-ok.de | http://dns-ok.fi
    2. You should a image with GREEN if you are not infected and RED if you are infected

    What if your browser shows you RED ? It means that your system is infected with DNS Changer Malware and you have to take the following steps to Remove DNS Changer Malware.

    How to Remove DNS Changer Malware

    1. Update your Antivirus or Internet Security tool (Kaspersky in my case) and run a scan
    2. Download Microsoft Essentials and do a quick scan.
    3. Download AviraDNSRepairEN.exe (1.2 MB), Install and do quick scan.

    Hope all the above steps help you detect and Remove DNSChanger Malware.

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