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    Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0 – Enable / Disable / Unlock Hidden Features in Windows 8 – Download Now

    Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0 is a freeware tool which can Tweak Microsoft Windows 8.

    If you have installed Windows 8 ISO on the USB then you might have seen that there are lots of Programs / Features which are locked up or hidden. You can use Windows 8 Tweaker tool to Unlock / Enable / Disable Hidden Features in Windows 8. This tool internally modifies some registry settings.

    Download Windows 8 Tweaker 4

    Download Windows 8 Tweaker 4

    Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0 Feaures

    • System – Make changes to OEM information, Windows Installer, Registration, and Shutdown of the operating system.
    • Explorer – Enable or disable the notification area, set how drives and letters should be displayed, hide or show libraries in Windows Explorer, and configure many advanced Explorer related settings.
    • Display – Configure select display settings, the window switcher, selection colors and whether you would like to see an arrow in shortcut icons.
    • Right-click – Configure the send to menu, add custom programs to the right-click, and add or remove select entries in the Windows Explorer right-click menu.
    • Places – Select a default open with program for unknown extensions, and files without extensions, and customize the open with program here. Also lets you define the default power button action.
    • Tasks – Schedule actions like shutdown, and configure special hiding and special folder name options
    • Features – Configure autoplay and Windows Update, the administrator account, system beeps and the Windows DVD burning feature
    • Logon – Configure auto login and security related log on settings, as well as startup sounds and messages, and other startup related settings.
    • Restrictions – Disable certain features in the operating system
    • Maintenance – Links to maintenance related tools, with options to unload unused dlls, run a boot defragmentation, or configure auto reboot settings.
    • Utilitie – Links to Windows tools that you can use to configure and manage the operating system further.

    Hidden Windows 8 features are like enabling modern task manager, enable webcam app, Windows 8 PDF reader, Windows 8 Ribbon UI etc.

    The next version of this tool will have more features added which will enhance Windows 8.

    Download Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0

    Download Windows 8 Tweaker 4.0

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