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    10 Best Private Torrent Trackers List – What is Private Torrent Tracker?

    If you don’t know what torrent is all about then first check this :

    How to download movies, software, tv shows and many more using Torrents

    In the above post, you will find information about torrent, leaching, seeding, etc,.

    Best Private Torrent Trackers List - What is Private Torrent Tracker?

    10 Best Private Torrent Trackers List – All about Private Torrent Trackers

    What is private tracker?

    A private tracker is a tracker which requires registration before you can use this service. Such trackers usually have a high amount of seeds, because users get banned if their ratio is too low.

    Private Tracker torrent sites are dedicated sites which have limited members and the torrents (and leeching) are made available to them only.

    Following are the features of private tracker:

    • High number of seeds, More number of seeders than leechers
    • The releases are much faster in here then what we see at public trackers.
    • The members are limited to certain number and further accounts can be created only if you are invited to join the site. This will weed out leechers as they prune the members who might be banned for not sharing what they leech.
    • We can request for any stuffs, and there is high possibility that your request might be fulfilled. You can leech what you need.

    I was using TorrentSpy, Mininova and ISOhunt, Mininova but the disadvantage is slow download speeds.

    To get higher speeds and get download complete soon, I started using Private torrent Trackers. From last 3 years, I am using Private torrent Tracker like www.desitorrents.com to download hindi movies, tv shows and many regional movies. After using them, trust me you will never want to leech from public trackers.

    I am adding a list of the Ten Best Private Torrents Trackers, which I find interesting:

    Top 10 Best Private Torrents Trackers List

    9. Music-Vid
    Any one can register.

    The site URL says it all, place to find music videos. 1734% more seeders than leechers (at the time of my writing)!

    8. Bitme
    Registration by invitation only.

    It’s a e learning resource site. At this point of time, I really dont find Bitme good as I have completed my graduation and maybe in the later stages I might use it.
    Bitme has College lectures/courses, E-learning videos and E-books. A way to get an education that we couldn’t otherwise afford.

    7. Demonoid
    Registration by invitation only.

    Demonoid is the only private tracker site, where I get to see old movies and other stuffs. Mostly we find the old things in public trackers only, but demonoid is an exception. But it has become a kind of public tracker with more people joining. Hit and run cases and heavy leeching are high now.

    5. Torrentleech

    Both sites requires invites to register.

    Nothing much to add, but we have all the latest torrents with good number of seeders. Torrentleech have some old torrents that might have been requested by members. Both sites have 500% more seeders than leechers.

    4.TV Torrents
    Anyone can register

    The second best place to leech TV torrents after BitmeTV. Almost most of the popular US TV shows are present.
    The site needs improvement, the home page needs to be good, needs a Forum and most of all it has a lot of downtime’s, which should be looked into.

    3. Torrent-Damage
    As of now anyone can join, but I think they will close the registration after certain amount of member count is reached.

    It’s a new site but really good. There are 575% more seeders than leechers. All the new releases are present with some old stuffs which might be requests.

    2. BwTorrents
    Registration by invitation only.

    BwT is a desi release site. We find Hindi movies, songs, albums,TV shows and more. A equally good forums to hang out as well.

    1. BitmeTV
    Registration by Invitation only.

    BitMeTV is one of the fastest TV torrent download sites on the net. We can find a variety of stuffs in here. There are more than 190 Categories!! All the popular US and even UK tv shows are present.

    They are very strict, all the torrents should be seeded to 1:1 and hit-and-cases are looked into very seriously. Otherwise this is the best place in the planet to leech (lol no, share!) TV Shows and stuffs.

    Now the downloading is very easy and is very fast. Check this out on How to Optimize Torrent Download Speed

    * www.cheggit.net (The best adult private torrent tracker) 🙂

    I can invite you to BwTorrent , Desitorents, etc.. but you need to show stats from other private torrent trackers. Or stats from your torrent client like Azureus. Post your screenshots of your stats and get invited.

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    1. Kevin says:

      If you’re interested in private trackers, seedboxes and the like and are a genuinely good person I can help you sort things out. Email me at digitaleden222@gmail.com

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