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    How to Tweak Torrent Client for Faster Torrent Download Speeds

    If you are new to the torrent world, then you should first check read this:

    GUIDE to Download Movies, Software, Tv Shows using Torrents and then continue reading this post.

    I going to show a Tweak to Increase the Torrent Download Speed.

    I think most of them have come across some Tweaks to make Internet Connection Faster, But they don’t work or has very little difference in speeds.

    In my previous post (link above), I mentioned to check Seeders Count and Leachers Count before you start the download. Even though the torrent have more seeders, the download speed was not crossing 50KBps.

    Increase Torrent Download Speeds by Tweaking Torrent Client

    Increase Torrent Download Speeds by Tweaking Torrent Client

    But one day, I came across a setting in Advanced Section in uTorrent Client(you can find this setting in almost all clients).
    The setting is limiting the maximum peer connection.

    SP2 and TCP connections:

    There is a setting included by Microsoft in XP sp2 as an enhancement called TCP connections. This enhancement limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts (’half-open connections’) per second to 10. This was an attempt to reduce the viruses spreading.

    So how does it relate to torrents downloading? The torrent client tries to establish many connections with other peers connected to the tracker within a very short period of time. When the half-open connection limit is reached, new connections will be queued until some of the current connections are established. So we have to limit the number of peers that we are connecting irrespective of the number of peers that the torrent file may connect to.

    Now we have two options before us. Either:

    – Limit the Number of peer connection OR
    – Increase the simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection(’half-open connections’) attempts

    I made a change to latter one.

    Increase the simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection(’half-open connections’):

    Check options/preferences in your torrent client and check for the setting.
    I am providing the screen shot for BitComet: Options > Preferences > Advanced > Connection > “TCP/IP Limit”

    For me 200 (max) “New Half-Open Limit” is working great. But you have to play around with it and check which value works best for you. Below is the screenshot.
    Bit Comet New Half-Open Limit

    The above tweak worked for me and has drastically increased the torrent download speed.

    Hope this helps you. Try it out and do comment if you have any other tweak to increase the speed

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