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    Manage your Finances using Personal Capital App – Review

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Capital for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Financial Management is a big subject when it comes to managing finances for a huge firm, corporate company, government. But managing personal finances is also very important part of once life.

    In this day and age, life has gone mobile. We are always on the move and would also love to be in touch with loved ones, latest news and also our financial life. This is where Personal Capital App comes into picture. Finally, Your Financial Life in One Place. The only wealth management tool you’ll ever need.

    PC_Logo_zps4cb7c0ab photo PC_Logo_zps4cb7c0ab.jpg

    Personal Capital is a mobile app developed by Personal Capital Corporation. The App is available on iPad device, iPhone device or any AndroidPersonal Capital Application is 100% FREE!!!

    With Personal Capital’s mobile apps, personal finances are literally at your fingertips. It allows you to setup all your financial accounts and allows you to view in one aggregated view. Personal Capital helps you manage your money by giving you a holistic view of all of your accounts.

     photo PC_iPhone_4_zps314ba2f6.png

    With this app, one could track your expenditures, income, savings and investments. How are you doing on the whole and lot more.

    It also allows you to view all the details in the form of graph.

     photo PC_iPad_3_zps403aef91.png

    Also check how the your expenditure or spending’s show up

     photo PC_Android_3_zps19e26c85.png

    User’s asset growth is presented in a beautiful, concise, and clear format. Accounts from disparate investment formats (such as mutual funds, stocks, money market accounts, checking/savings) are integrated with ease. As mentioned above, it also shows your investments with which one could save money by identifying mutual fund fees using Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

    Personal Capital Functions

    1. Portfolio Performance : Once you have configured the accounts on the App, You can track your investments by account, asset class or individual security. Know what you own and how it’s performing. Pinpoint market movers and how your portfolio compares to major indices.
    2. Asset Allocation : With this function, User can easily identify how diversified you are and make decisions wisely.
    3. Mobile App opportunities : This app can be installed on mobile devices thus allowing you to keep track of your finances at home and on the go.
    4. Investment Check Up : Our financial experts found a way to electronically pinpoint potential investment risks within your portfolio. Identify mutual fund fees and see if you’re on par with your financial goals. It’s free and it it only takes a few seconds.
    5. 401k Free Organizer : One can find out if you’re paying too much in 401k fees. If yes, they can benchmark your 401k against 0.5% plan and determine whether your plan is Red (over 2%), Yellow (1.01%-2%); or Green (1% and below). It’s easy with this free tool.
    6. Mutual Fund Fee Calculator : You can instantly know just how much investments are costing you. The Mutual Fund Fee Calculator shows you just how much investment fees could cost you over time and helps you invest in better way and helps you saving money.
    7. Universal Checkbook : This function allows you to send money to anyone, anywhere with just a few swipes and taps on your smartphone or tablet. Personal Capital’s Universal Checkbook is easy to use – just enroll any one of your checking accounts by taking a snapshot of a paper check. Save time and a stamp.

    Personal Capital Video

    Personal Capital Benefits from Personal Capital on Vimeo.

    What I like about Personal Capital?

    – First and foremost is the application can be installed in a mobile device makes me use wherever I want to.

    – Easy to use interface.

    – Portfolio Performance.

    – Tracking spending’s, income, savings and investments at one place.

    – Investment check up.

    The App helps me to be always be one step ahead. It enables me to be proactive and take quick and accurate decisions there by improving my financial state.

    Personal Capital Cash Manager also allows me to view my largest spending’s, incomes and all the transactions that I have made.

    As it is a one stop app which can track your financial status, it even helps you saving money or make me earn more money.

    I really liked this app and have installed it on my Samsung phone. I strongly suggest all my readers to Download the Personal Capital App on your mobile devices and try it out. Do let me know your views about this app by posting the comment below.

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