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    Nokia Asha 305 vs Samsung Star 3

    Looking forward for a low in budget smart touch sensitive phone?  Then here are two options, the Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3. These two phones Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3 have got all the features you will desire. This article is an overall review of both the phones.

    Nokia Asha 305
    Samsung Star 3



    Well coming to the feature both the phones Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3 are both stuffed with all the upcoming qualities that a smart phone should have. When it comes to the rating of Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3 both have been given 8.2 out of 10.


    These ratings have been chalked out on the basis of the word of the present users of the phone. Both the phones are 3 inch in size and have a wide display. The screen clarity and resolution of Nokia Asha 305 is 240 x 400 and Samsung Star 3 has a screen resolution of 240 x 320. Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3 are both TFT capacitive touchscreen.


    When the point is about storage Nokia Asha 305 has made no concessions as it has been provided with an internal memory of 10MB up to 64MB ROM with an option of micro SD up to 32GB expandable memory, where a Samsung Star 3 has provided an internal memory of 20 MB and an expandable or extendable memory of about micro SD up to 16 GB.


    Storage or memory is one such important feature which helps you store all your files, images, videos, messages, contacts and many more. So the more the memory a phone offers, the more it is an advantage.


    As Nokia Asha 305 provides more storage space we are more advantageous when compared to the storage offered by Samsung Star 3.


    The camera features provided by Nokia Asha 305 are 2MP, 1600 x 1200 pixels with a feature of Landscape Acclimatization, Exposure, Atonement, Auto and Manual White Balance, along with Full Screen Viewfinder and Self Timer whereas, Samsung Star 3 provides a sensor resolution 3.15 MP with 2048 x 1536 pixels.


    Nokia Asha 305 is one step ahead in the case of camera features when compared to Samsung Star 3.Nokia Asha 305 has such outstanding camera features that you can enjoy the pleasure of photography and also have all your special memories and moments captured so that they can be cherish later.


    Both the phones have general features like Stereo FM Radio, messaging facilities like SMS, MMS, Email and IM. Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3

    support GPS and are both installed with USB slots. Nokia Asha 305 uses Nokia browser whereas Samsung Star 3 uses Net Front 4.2 and Opera mini.


    Nokia Asha 305 is available in Silver White, Red, Mid Blue, Dark and Grey which gives you and many other options from which you can choose your favorite one whereas, Samsung Star 3 gives you less amount of options when it comes to colors and they are just Black and White. Nokia Asha 305 even gives an option of dual sim of GSM whereas Samsung Star 3 does not offer it though it supports GSM.


    Coming to the battery and back up of both the phones Nokia Asha 305 provides a backup of 14 hours and Samsung Star 3 provides a backup of 852 minutes. Nokia Asha 305 has some additional features like built in applications like Ovi Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk to be connected to your world all the time and MySpace, Java Games for amazing games and entertainment and these features area few of the must have ones in the phones of this generation.


    Other Features


    • You can chat, send and compose emails, entertain by exciting new games and search for the present games, music and other requirements, whereas Samsung Star 3 does not have any such features.
    • Both the phones that is Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3 have a warranty period of 1 year.
    • Price of the phone is another criterion that is often most considered and as both the phones are budget friendly, they would not burn much a hole in your pocket. Nokia Asha 305 price on mysmartprice is about Rs 4,110 whereas the price of Samsung Star 3 is Rs 4,449.


    This was the total review of Nokia Asha 305 and Samsung Star 3. Both the phones are one of a kind and if you have found the right one for of your kind then its time you grab one.

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