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    Buy Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II @ 99 Rs per day for an year EMI

    All over the world and also in India, Samsung is one of the market leaders when it comes to smart phones. Samsung Galaxy series of smart phones and particularly Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II are the most sold and demanded smart phones all over the world.

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    Samsung Galaxy Note II

    To increase the sales of these phones and other famous Samsung products, Samsung has come up with many attractive deals, such as free Blue tooth, Phone case and attractive finance schemes on special days (festivals etc). But what Samsung has done most recently is, they have brought down the price and not just that they have come up with very attractive EMI schemes which do not attract any processing fee or interest.

    This latest sales strategy and move of Samsung will help it penetrate the market much better, as the scores of Indians specially in cities with disposable incomes, who would not mind parting away with Rs 3000/- INR (2999 precisely) for just an year, to get handy smart phone such as Galaxy Note II. The move will further more strengthen Samsung’s position as a Market Leader.

    It is a welcome move. Refer to the full page image in the next page which was seen in major Indian newspapers on 19th Feb 2013.

    The Rs 99/- (INR) per day for an year is a fantastic way to position the product (Price of their product), because a lot of potential customers, especially ones with disposable incomes would find it palatable to spend away 100 Rs a day for an entire year, to get a latest Samsung product.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II @ 99 Rs per day for an year EMI

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    1. Akeel says:

      I like samsung Galaxy Note 2,Thanx for this information…….

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