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    PlayStation 4 Technical Specs, Features, Release Date & Price

    Sony has finally launched the next gen gaming console, PlayStation 4. Below are all the details of PlayStation 4 a new gaming console from Sony.

    PlayStation 4 logo

    PlayStation 4 comes with a PC-like architecture with x86 processor, 8GB of DDR5 memory, internal Hard-drive and GPU for the intense graphics that come with playing games.

    PlayStation 4 Technical Specs

    PlayStation 4 Specs

    PlayStation 4 Features

    • DualShock 4 Controller:
    • Video Sharing:
    • Controlling Friend’s Games Remotely:
    • PS Vita Integration:
    • iOS And Android Devices As Second Controller:
    • PlayStation Move Compatibility:

    PlayStation 4 Youtube videos

    PlayStation 4 Release Date & Price

    There is not exact date for now. Sony said that they will make it available by 2013 Holiday season.

    The PlayStation 4 price is expected to be around $429.

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