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    How to defeat the Panda Update ?

    At SMX West a few days ago, the predominant theme was that of farm content. In a session attended Luke Beatty, founder of Associated Content (considered by many a content farm), and we talked about what it can do a site affected by Google Update Panda to regain the ground lost in the SERPs the search engine.

    Meanwhile, on the various webmaster forums Google Webmaster Central are discussing of the problem. In summary, we can draw from this lesson:
    How to defeat the Panda Update
    • substantially lower quality content can cause the loss of the entire site rankings (even if it has high-quality pages)

    • search the pages of low quality (not useful, poorly written, duplicated or inconsistent) and remove

    • the overall user experience is important: design, usability, the relationship between advertising and content, brand perception

    • verify both the content and the template of the site (it is a template that puts a lot of publicity in the pages? Is displayed to the user interface poor?)

    • Once you are sure that the contents are of high quality care to ask engagement and awareness (Through social media and other channels)

    • diversifies into different channels and even within research, looking beyond the Web search results from Google News and “one box” such as blogs, images and video

    • we can learn something from the farm content, particularly their way of identifying what interests the public and the answers they want to, and the techniques they use to leverage the crowd-sourcing

    The official Google post is this: low-quality content on a site may impact on the positioning of the entire site.

    Google said:

    “Our latest update is designed to reduce the rankings of sites of poor quality, so the key thing for webmasters is to make sure that their sites have the highest possible quality. We examine several factors to identify the sites of low quality. Keep in mind that people who typically do not want to look into Google to find content superficial or poorly written, copied content from other sites or useless information. In addition, it is important that webmasters know that the low-quality content on a site may impact on the positioning of the entire site. For this reason, if you believe that he was taken from our update you should check all the contents of your site and improve the overall quality of the pages on your domain. Remove the pages of low quality or move to a different domain could help you better position your quality content. “

    Summing up 3 points:

    1) This algorithm is aimed specifically at sites of poor quality (not necessarily content to farm) which contain:
    • superficial content (not enough to be considered useful)
    • Content poorly written
    • content copied from other sites
    • content that is not useful

    2) A site with some content of poor quality can be fully penalized

    3) Remove the contents from the site of poor quality can help better position than high quality
    A key phrase is “The information is not useful” So it is not sufficient that the content is unique and long-winded. And another key is that high-quality pages can lose positions, overshadowed by the poor quality pages on the site.

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    Mohit Maheshwari is the CEO and strategist of a Web design india and a digital marketing agency, New Media Guru. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the web design company india, web designing and Internet marketing.

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