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    Why The Micromax A116 Canvas HD Is A Match For The Samsung Galaxy Grand ?

    This is a guest post by rupam who blogs at Rupam. If you would like to write for NiharsWorld, check our guest posting guidelines.

    In the time span of the last couple of weeks, the mobile market has had a few very closely matched product comparisons and competitions surfacing time and again. The surge in competition was largely because of the products being from similar market segments and because of the need to capture the common consumer’s mind and demands further as the number of products in the mobile segment have reached proportions that makes a confused consumer further confused. In most of these consumer product wars a product gains an upper hand generally because of value propositions like:

    • Brand Value: The first reason for a product making inroads into the market is clearly because of the parent brand value proposition. There may be substitute products which offer the same service values as the product from a renowned and valued brand, but the consumer preference would still be very much towards the valued brand’s offering. A fair enough disposition that an average consumer will have.
    • Price Bias: While normal economic theories generally state that the demand for low priced objects and goods is higher than higher priced objects, when both in effect serve the same ends and are equally adept, when it comes to consumer electronic products like mobiles, the collaboration of the normal economic understanding and quality policies eventually result in preferential treatment of higher priced products as the trending behavior.

    The above observations and dispositions are general and on a hindsight known to everyone, even the consumers themselves. However these dispositions result in an effect that mars the flow or growth of new brands which bring in products towards the lower priced segments, because by default these are perceived as low quality grade articles.

    However in-spite of these dispositions, Micromax has definitely managed to make a few right noises in the mobile market and with its A116 Canvas HD, especially so, as has been reflected in the recent media coverages of the competition it poses to Samsung’s Galaxy Grand. Speaking on the reflection of the same in terms of a consumer’s perspective however, the competition that the Micromax Canvas HD poses to the Samsung Galaxy Grand still might be sparse. Unless, the differentials on the brand value and price bias are talked about. Going into which Micromax might actually have an winner in the A116 Canvas HD.


    The above infograph isn’t a random add on. The above picture actually signifies how Micromax has worked around the brand value differentials by coming up with a product that although does not replace the higher cost margin Samsung Galaxy Grand, still manages to balance price and quality by stepping in features which are competitive and similar to the Samsung Galaxy Grand, but at an affordable price that is 13,999 INR. In effect what it has done is deliver quality features with a product that looks qualitative and delivers features which compete with the best in market. The result has been a positive trend for the product and the gradual dissemination of the myth that low price implies lower quality.

    And that’s precisely how the Micromax A116 Canvas HD is stepping up a matching competition with the Samsung Galaxy Grand.

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