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    5 RSS Readers that you should Try – Google Reader Alternatives

    Google Reader will shutdown on July 1st, 2013. Now those who are still with Google Reader need to look for Alternatives.

    Below are the 5 RSS Reader as Replacement for Google Reader

    Google Reader Alternatives

    1. Feedly RSS Reader – extension / add-on

    Feedly RSS Reader
    Those who love to have RSS Reader as part of the Browser, then Feedly is the one you should go for. Feedly is available as an extension to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For mobile users, Feedly is also available as an app (Supports iOS and Android).

    How Feedly works ?

    Feedly relies on Google Reader’s feed. As you know Google Reader is shutting down. They how come this will be able to work. Don’t worry. Folks at Feedly are working on a project called Normandy, which is a feedly clone of the Google Reader API.

    Try out Feedly RSS Reader

    2. Flipboard RSS Reader

    Flipboard RSS Reader
    Flipboard is also a Browser based RSS reader. It is rich in features and UI. It has a magazine style interface. Apart from sites and blogs, It also supports you to select sites from Facebook feed or Twitter feed.

    Try out Feedly RSS Reader

    3. Netvibes RSS Reader

    Netvibes RSS Reader
    Netvibes is much more that RSS reader. It offers RSS reader functionality but does more things than a RSS Reader does. There are offered as free and premium accounts.

    Try out Netvibes RSS Reader

    4. Pulse RSS Reader

    Pulse RSS Reader
    Pulse is another RSS Reader which can be used as an alternative to Google Reader. It comes with lot of interesting features.

    – It can also sync across different devices
    – “Read it later” feature allows you to mark it and you can read it when you are free.

    Try out Netvibes RSS Reader

    5. NewsBlur RSS Reader

    News Blur RSS Reader

    News Blur RSS Reader

    NewsBlur is a good replacement to Google Reader It supports both iOS and Android and also has sync options.

    Try out NewsBlur RSS Reader

    My Preferred RSS Reader as Alternative to Google Reader

    I prefer Feedly as it comes as an extension/add-on and supports both Firefox and Chrome browser. Both me (Firefox user) and wife (chrome user) can use same Reader.

    Do you know any other RSS Reader? Please do share it by leaving a comment.

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    1. Kristi Hines says:

      I’m testing out Feedly, Netvibes, and Newsblur. I’ve heard of one called The Old Reader (I think) that is supposed to be close to Google Reader, but I haven’t checked it out just yet.

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