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    Top Eight Ways Satellite Technology Will Support Mobile Health Clinics

    Mobile health clinics broadly encompass the use of multimedia and telecommunication technologies that are incorporated in the treatment of patients in remote areas where access to a hospital is beyond reach. Mobile health clinics are set at remote locations to assist people who do not have access to regular hospitals and medical care services.

    Mobile health clinics

    Mobile health clinics

    Mentioned below are the top eight ways satellite technology will support mobile health clinics:

    1. Educating Local Staff

    Workshops can be conducted for health care workers in remote areas where access to medical services is the least. Mobile phone applications can also be used to provide step-by-step instructions on carrying out different medical procedures in the absence of a specialist. These technologies can also be used to provide direct diagnosis to the patients themselves.

    2. Spreading Awareness

    The advancement in technologies for communication is among the top twenty technological breakthroughs of the past quarter of a century. These technological advancements have done a lot in changing the way we communicate with one another.

    Apart from remotely monitoring patients, this technology can also be used to spread awareness of certain diseases and practices that are harmful to good health.

    3. Helpline

    In cases of emergencies the doctor can be contacted to check a patient remotely with the use of high resolution cameras and HD resolution. Upon diagnosing the illness the patient can then be directed to the right specialist for treatment.

    4. Diagnostic Support

    Remote monitoring support provides the people who live in remote parts of a country with continued health care treatment. The support services of medical health workers in those regions can easily be carried out by incorporating devices like ECG Monitors, computers and other portable diagnostic devices. The information gathered can then be sent to a hospital where the diagnosis can be made. Diagnostics received from a doctor, who is able to see the patient, is much more reliable than on the phone support.

    5. The Availability of New Technologies and Collaborating Tools

    The use of hi-tech tools for communication and shared data management purposes is by no means new in the health care industry. What is new is the extension of those capabilities to more advance and cheaper alternate devices. For using these new technological devices one only needs a wired device that is connected to a computer. Enabling mobile health clinics to diagnose cure and track serious illnesses of an area.

    6. Real-Time Data Management

    In the IT sector, the demand for faster computers and digital equipment is constantly rising. Repeatedly, the increase in computers and memory capacity is being met by the application of new more advance devices that leverage that speed.

    The dynamic has also been true for the demand in a higher transmission speed in video and audio communication devices. These functionalities also include faster file transfers and data streaming across different networks. This in-turn delivers tremendous benefits to those in the medical profession.

    Along with speed, the ability to access broadband communication has also been useful in making real time collaborations to support doctors and other health care professionals.

    7. Disease Surveillance

    Mobile health care centers are able to utilize this technology in the collection and transmission of data from one location to another quickly. Using this technology to identify outbreaks, an evidence based formula can be developed to curb the onslaught of a virus or epidemic by using methods that are more clinically focused.

    8. Tracking Emerging Trends

    Satellite technology is also being used in emergency response systems that are set up at remote parts of the country to track emerging trends in the areas that interest doctors and health care professionals such as local illnesses and birth control rates.

    The true potential in satellite communication systems lie in the trans-formative functionality that it enables and its support for new web based applications.

    Keeping in contact with the new globally-based workforce has become an even greater challenge for many companies and managers alike. Due to the support satellite technology is expected to provide to the mobile health clinics, governments are aggressively using satellite-based technology.

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