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    How to Extend Desktop to LCD/Monitor/TV on Windows 7 and Windows 8?

    How many of you know that you can Extend your desktop on to your Monitor or TV or LCD ?.

    I have already shared a post on How to Extend Desktop. But, that post covers if you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    I will now share the Steps to Extend Desktop on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    Those who don’t have extra monitor / lcd / television set, Don’t worry.. Check on How to Split the Screen of Laptop/Monitor in Windows XP / Vista / 7 – SplitView

    Extend your Desktop Demo

    Steps to Extend Desktop to LCD / Monitor /TV on Windows 7 and Windows 8?

    1) Check whether you have extra video connector/port on your PC/Laptop or not?

    There are different types of video connectors/ports. one is RGB port other one is S-Video port.

    After you check the connector/port in your PC/Laptop then check the device on which you want to extend the desktop. It can be Monitor or LCD or Television.

    For me both Television and Laptop has S-Video.

    2) If both Laptop/PC and Monitor/LCD/Television has video connectors/ports, then go to S-Video. Here you can find all type of cables which connect two video connectors.

    3) After you purchase it from any of electronics store. Connect both cables and do the following:

    Extend Desktop on Windows 7 and Windows 8

    • Go to desktop.
    • Right click on the empty area of the desktop and click on Screen Resolution
    • Alternatively, Open Control Panel -> Display -> Screen Resolution.
    • Click the monitor icon representing the monitor you are adding to your system. Click on Detect button if you don’t see the extra monitor. Sometimes you won’t see on clicking Detect you might see the extra monitor.
    • Place a check mark in the Extend The Desktop Onto This Monitor check box.
    • You can either extend the desktop or increase the Desktop area to span multiple monitors.
    • Click OK.


    • You can also extend your desktop to a TV.
    • When purchasing the second monitor, it would be a good idea to be similar to the one you already own (if not exactly the same) so that you would have the same color configuration and aspect ratio.

    I started using it a few days back only and let me tell you it will make your life easier 🙂
    Try it. If you have any suggestions or doubts just leave a comment. I will be happy to respond…

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