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    Is the Galaxy Grand the right successor for S3?

    Samsung has managed to woo its users every single time. From the Samsung’s Note series which are of a higher range to the more budgeted phones like the Ace and Galaxy R. Samsung has managed to populate the market with high end, high performance smartphones, that compete with the likes of Apple, as well as conquer the budget phone market, providing some of the best features without burning a hole in your pocket making it a choice of millions.

    Is the Galaxy Grand the right successor for S3

    Image courtesy specsofall.com

    Samsung launched its flagship phone of 2012, the S3 and it blew us away. The sleek design, the high performance and the overall feel, was more than enough to make this flagship, the number one phone of 2012. What’s more, the Samsung s3 went on to beat the sales of even Apple’s iPhone 5. So after a good year, the expectations from Samsung have only risen. While were waiting for details on the S4, the Galaxy Grand was launched, pegged somewhere between a high end smartphone and the popular Samsung Note. So the question here is whether Galaxy Grand is the right successor to the S3?


    At first glance, you will notice that the Grand bears a striking resemblance to the Note. If you keep both the Grand and the Note together, you would not be able to tell them apart. So for those of you who really liked the design of the S3, you would not be getting anything different with the Grand.


    The Samsung Grand boasts of a 5 inch display with a resolution of 480X800 pixels which translates to 187ppi, as compared to the S3 which has a 4.8 inch display with a resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels display that translates to a 306ppi density. Although the Grand has a wider screen as compared to the S3, there is a vast difference in its resolution and pixel density giving it a very dull look as compared to its predecessor. Having said that, the low resolution does not necessarily mean that overall the display is a dud. The screen displays are quite decent, and get the job done, whether you routinely use it for reading, web browsing or just playing games.


    The Grand can play high performance games and perform tasks at par with S3, but expect it to be a tad slower than the S3 thanks to its dual core 1200 MHz processor. It also comes with a lesser in-built storage capacity.

    Dual SIM

    The one feature that Samsung has very tactically added to the Galaxy Grand is the Dual SIM option. This allows Samsung to pitch the phone to multiple SIM users and makes it a popular pick in India. Samsung’s Galaxy Grand is one the first phablets to have a dual SIM slot, which is going to be one of its U.S.P.


    For all its features, the Galaxy Grand’s 2100mAh battery offers a whopping 10.16 hours of talk time and up to 18 days of standby.


    Just like the S3, the Galaxy Grand too comes with an 8MP rear camera. Features on the camera option have been drastically decreased with the Grand while the front facing camera nominally improves to 2 MP.

    Other features

    Taking advantage of technological development since the launch of S3, the Galaxy Grand comes with ‘Zoom’ and ‘Stretch to Full screen’ options for its Video Playback.

    Our Verdict

    To be honest, Galaxy Grand seems like a mixed bag. It has features of a compact smartphone and a screen size that matches the high-end ones. But by stripping off the high-end specs of the S3, it is no longer a high-end smartphone. At Rs 19855, Samsung Galaxy Grand price in India is still a pretty compelling deal swinger. What you end up getting is a decent phone with the user experience of the Jelly Bean OS and Touchwz UI but a sub-optimal display. We were definitely expecting a better successor to the S3, and thankfully it is not the Grand. Guess, Samsung just wanted to reserve the best for the S4 alone. Grand is more like a successor to the Note but without the stylus (S Pen).

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    1. Leon says:

      I would have to disagree. Like you stated….the phone is a mixed bag.

    2. Abhishek says:

      The performance and features of galaxy grand are impressive looks like right sucessor

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