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    Micromax A116: A review

    The smartphone market is growing more competitive by the minute with the release of phones from companies like Micromax and Karbonn, whose phones come with powerful features and a low price tag. True to this trend, the Micromax A110 has paved the way for such feature packed affordable phones in India.

    Why the Micromax A116 Is Creating a Buzz in the Market

    Micromax, one of the recent Indian companies to take on other international brands like Samsung, has now launched the Micromax A116, which offers a lot of features that traditionally come along with phones of much higher price tags, while staying modestly in the sub INR 15,000 price range. For its price, it packs a quad-core processor and other attractive features.

    Micromax A116 review

    The Micromax A116 has taken the Indian smartphone market by storm. Just like its predecessor, the Micromax A110, the phone features a high resolution five inch screen, quad-core processor, and sleek looks, and has been outperforming competitors in its category. With its features and the extremely affordable price tag, why would anyone have second thoughts?

    Things to Consider Before Buying the Micromax A116

    To understand why the Micromax A116 is smartly priced, you should look into the phone’s specifications. The phone competes at a category where the price tag generally starts at INR 30,000, and it especially targets the market segment that the Samsung Galaxy series of phones dominates. So, does the A116 deliver all that it promises? Mostly, it does. But, there are some areas where it misses out.

    1. Display

    The phone has a HD IPS display, but its image quality does not match that of the high-end Samsung phones it is competing against. The brightness level of the device might also be a problem, which will be especially noticeable outdoors, under bright sunlight.
    Also, the screen is not scratch proof, making it vulnerable to dust and scratching.

    2. Camera

    The Micromax A116 has a 2MP front camera. It also has an 8MP rear camera, but the image quality produced by this camera is not as good as it should be at this resolution. The images produced by its nearest Samsung competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, is much better.

    3. Battery Life

    The Micromax A116 comes with a 2000 mAh battery, which does not provide much running time while browsing or performing other activities that involve a lot of interaction with the screen. Games, updates, and streaming media can consume a lot of power. For a phone with a high resolution 5 inch screen, the battery does not provide adequate running time and needs frequent recharging.

    4. Developer Support and OS Updates

    The Micromax A116 comes with the Android Jelly Bean OS, but firmware and OS updates are not usually that easy to come by. Lack of developer support is another major drawback. Samsung, with its huge market presence, provides users with its own app store, with a huge number of apps targeted for Samsung devices.

    5. Storage And Sensors

    The Micromax A116 comes with 4GB of storage, plus 2GB free for users on their cloud service. It has a microSD card slot that allows expansion up to 32 GB. Samsung, which has released the Galaxy Grand Duos to compete in this price segment, has packed its phone with 8GB of internal storage and 5GB free on its cloud service. The Galaxy Grand’s MicroSD slot allows expansion up to 64 GB. So, in terms of storage capacity and expansion features, the Galaxy Grand wins.

    The Micromax A116 also lacks a good magnetic sensor. This is a disadvantage as important applications like maps use magnetic sensors to pinpoint a location. The Galaxy Grand comes equipped with a magnetometer and a gyroscope.

    The magnetometer can approximately measure the earth’s magnetic field, and this, in combination with the accelerometer, can help in determining the orientation of the device, and also help in providing location information, like those provided by Google Maps.

    The gyroscope can, together with the accelerometer, help in rotating the screen to match the direction in which the device is held by the user. With its multiple sensors, the Samsung Galaxy Grand scores over the Micromax A116 here too.

    The Micromax A116 is an excellent device, and has many features to excite buyers who are on the lookout for a powerful smartphone at an affordable price tag.

    Micromax A116 Vs Samsung

    However, when it comes to an actual performance comparison, leaving out the price tag, Micromax does miss out on certain features.

    The A116 will have its fans as long as the price is the deciding criteria in the customers’ purchase decision. People who like running a performance comparison before making a decision might make a different decision though.

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