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    How to Auto Refresh / Reload HTML page using Meta Tag “Refresh”

    You must be reading this post if you are a regular reader of NiharsWorld.com or you must have hit this post from search engine looking on How to Implement of Auto Refresh in webpage.

    Most of us who surf web might have come across webpage(s) online which “Refreshes / Reloads” on its own without user hitting on toolbar refresh button or hitting F5 function button on the keyword.

    Did you ever wonder how could that be possible ? How HTML webpage Refreshes on its own ?

    Check this if you want to Redirect URL using Meta Tag Refresh

    Well the answer to it is very easy. Check the Title of the post for the answer 🙂

    Use Refresh Meta Tag in HTML Page to Enable Auto Refresh of page – Sample Code Below

        <title>Auto Refresh Sample Page</title>
        <META http-equiv="refresh" content="5">
      <body bgcolor="#ffffff">
        <center>The webpage you are looking it at will be auto refreshed or auto reloaded every 5 seconds. The reason is the META REFRESH TAG in the head section.</a>

    Look at the HTML head tag in the above sample code, there is META tag with http-equiv attribute which takes the value as “refresh”. This tells the page to be refreshed every 5 seconds and content attribute takes value 5 which means “Auto Refresh page every 5 seconds”.

    You can change the value to may be 60 seconds for 1 minute auto-refresh or anything you like.

    This is the basic way enabling “Auto Refreshing of Web Page”. I will also come up with another post where I will show you other ways of doing the same.

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