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    How Redirect Webpage to a Different URL using the Meta Tag http-equiv “Refresh” ?

    Recently, I have shared you on How to Auto Refresh Webpage. Today, I am going to share you steps on “How to Redirect Web-page to Different URL using Meta Tag http-equiv “Refresh”.

    There are two ways of Redirecting webpage to a different page. First one is by modifying .htaccess file and the second one is what I am going to show you below.

    This method is easy and ideal for those who don’t have access to .htaccess.

    The below method can be called as hack because we are using Auto Refresh feature of Meta Tag for Redirecting the URL.

    How to Redirect webpage using Meta Tag http-equiv

    Below is the snippet of HTML code which does the same.

        <title>Redirect Webpage to a Different URL</title>
        <META http-equiv="refresh" content="5;URL=http://www.differencebetween.co.in">
      <body bgcolor="#ffffff">
        <center>This page will be redirected to <a href="http://www.differencebetween.co.in">www.differencebetween.co.in</a> in 5 seconds.

    I have used META http-equiv=”refresh” tag inside the HTML head tag. content attribute of META tag tells how many seconds you want the refresh to be. But, the most important thing here is after 5. We have placed ; and URL=”“. This tells the browser to redirect to that webpage after n seconds.

    Do note that few browsers doesn’t support Meta “refresh” function. It is better to also give the webpage address link using a href tag so that the user can click on it if in case the page doesn’t refresh and doesn’t get redirected to the new page.

    If you find any other way of doing this or want to let us know your view. Please leave a comment!

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