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    What are backlinks and how to get them?

    What are back links? The simple and easiest definition of back links is the links pointing towards your site, it does not matter what kind of links are these. Just you need other domains to point your domain by means of click able link. How to get back links? You can get back links by […]

    4 Cheap Web Hosting lists Best Cheap Web Host Providers

    I already shared Web Hosting Search services helps webmasters choose the Best Host Provider. Today, I will be sharing one more such service which helps users choose Best Cheap Web Host Provider. Most of the Webmasters or Bloggers after purchasing the domain are in a confusion as to which Web Hosting to for. It applies […]

    URL Trends – A Free Online SEO Tool

    Free SEO Tools – URL Trends URL Trends is a free online site to check your blog details. It is a great tool for Bloggers. Trend Report will allow you to view vital search engine information about any url that you enter. The Trend Report will allow you to see the Urls link popularity, PageRank™, […]

    How to Automate Diggs for your Blog

    How to Auto Submit Blog Posts on Digg Most of us have Digg account and digg our own blog posts. But, the manual process is cumbersome takes time. How about Digging Blog Posts automatically immediately after publishing posts? Yes it is possible. Follow to below steps to Automatically Submit Articles on Digg How to Submit […]

    How to find out Website hacked or infected

    Most of the webmasters nightmare is that their website getting hacked by a hacker or infected by malware. Every website owner or blogger should know on How to find out whether website is hacked or infected. Below are few pointers that might indicate whether website is compromised or not. There are lots of possibilities in […]

    Web Hosting Search helps you select the Best Hosting Provider

    Most of the Bloggers or webmasters after buying a domain must have faced the problem as to “Which Host Provider to choose”. Even I have faced back in 2007 (When i launched NiharsWorld). During that time, I didn’t have much knowledge and didn’t do research. The world is growing at a fast pace. There is […]

    Download WordPress App for Windows 7 Phone

    WordPress has made WordPress App available for Windows Phone 7. It is a great news for all bloggers who are blogging on WordPress platform and nt to blog even when they are on the move. The only thing they should have is a Windows 7 Mobile phone. WordPress App Features

    Make websites load Faster using mod_pagespeed for Apache

    In the past, I have share a tip on How to load websites faster in browser. But, never shared a tip on “How to make websites load faster”. This tip useful for all the Bloggers and Webmasters who are always looking to optimize their website. If a website or blog is faster it will help […]

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