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    Firefox 3.5 is Released – Download it!

    Mozilla released Firefox 3.5 for download. It is said that this version of Firefox is faster than the previous versions and has come up with a lot of new features and enhanced browser. One of the major features is “Private Browsing”. There are also improvements made to support the latest Web Technologies. The most important […]

    Download Safari 4 Browser for Mac and Windows

    Yesterday, I mentioned that Google has released Chrome for Mac OS and Linux. Today, Apple has released Safari 4 Browser for Mac and Windows. Its a great news for Windows. All these days, Windows users were just thinking on How fast Safari Browser would be? Now they can download Safari 4 Browser and install on […]

    Download Google Chrome for Mac OS and Linux

    There is a good news for all those who use Mac OS or Linux. Google has made the availability of web browser, Google Chrome, for Mac OS X and Linux. It is not an official release. It is official developer release of Chrome. It is for testing purposes. But, from this we can say that […]

    Find Friends on Social Networking sites using Identity

    In today’s World of Web. There are lots of Social Networking Sites that we can use to get in touch with friends and closed ones. What if you find your dear friend on one of the Social Networking sites and if you want to find what other Social networking sites he/she is using? Identify is […]

    Open your websites faster using Keyboard Hotkeys – “SiteLauncher” (a Firefox Add-on)

    Most of us bookmark websites so that we can jump on to the website quickly. But, what if you have organized your bookmarks that have 10-20 categories each having 10-20 websites in it. The time taken to browse through the bookmarks menu and select a particular website is more than typing the website address. SiteLauncheris […]

    Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux

    In 1st week of September, Google Chrome was released. It created a huge amount of excitement on the web. But, the happy users were those who used Windows operating systems. Google Chrome was not released for Mac and Linux platforms. Google will soon release Google Chrome for Mac and Linux versions. Using Chrome’s codebase, developers […]

    Gears for Safari is now officially available

    For all savvy mac users… Google has released Gears for Safari Browser. To use Gears, you must have version 3.1.1 or higher of Safari along with a machine running the most recent build of OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5.3 (Leopard).

    How to Import Bookmarks / Favorites, Passwords, Search Engines and History from Firefox and IE into Google Chrome

    Its more than a week since Google Chrome is out. The browser is very simple to use and very fast. Read this to find out more about Google Chrome Features. You can easily import your Firefox and Internet Explorer data to Google Chrome, including your bookmarks / favorites, passwords, search engines and history. But, I […]

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