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    Google Chrome – How to Browse Privately

    Google Chrome Browser from Google is finally released. It is available for download in about 100 languages. Google chrome has got many features. It has a very interesting feature called Incognito. It is a similar feature to InPrivate in IE8 and more commonly known as porn made that allows you to browse the web privately, […]

    Google Browser – Google Chrome is releasing soon

    Google is now coming with its own Open Source Browser called “Google Chrome”. It will be released on 2nd September US Time. Google Chrome Features (Good features of Opera,Safari,Firefox and IE 8 are also plugged into this one browser):

    Test your website/blog in different browsers

    I know lot of bloggers like me and website owners are concerned about one thing that is… Is the website compatible on different browsers? Whenever a webmaster changes the website design or theme or tinker with CSS code. The only question that comes to the mind is the above question. There are lot of browsers […]

    Rename Firefox tabs for your privacy – Firefox Plugin

    In my previous post, I mentioned How to Hide Browser at workplace. But there are other ways to also have your privacy while browsing. How many times it has happened to you? You are in the midst of browsing and somebody walks in and is standing right behind you. You feel that you don’t want […]

    URL Alias for Mozilla FireFox – Very Useful Feature

    Guys, I was waiting for this feature from long time and its absence was making me stick to Maxthon Browser. Here it is : URL Alias that is a built-in feature of Firefox. Kudos to a reader of this blog who commented the following after reading this Article/Post Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox :

    Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox

    As I mentioned earlier in my previous article hide browser that “I prefer using maxthon even though i have firefox installed“. Here it is….. I am listing out the features that makes me rate maxthon higher than firefox. I want all of you to read this article take out some time to download maxthon, install […]

    How to Hide browser at workplace

    How to Hide Browser at Office Today, I am going to pass on a trick that i am using from a long time, way back from 2003. I use it everyday, umpteen times a day at my workplace. Most of you those who browse at workplace ( to pass the time ) and don’t want […]

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