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    Archive for the ‘Freeware’ Category

    Free Hindu Panchangam Gadget for Windows

    Many of us believe in the good time and bad time of life. In the same way, there are good times and bad times in a day. Some people regularly follow the panchang timings for all their works. Some people follow Panchang only for important occasions of their life. Panchang is nothing but a Hindu […]

    Download Spell Checker which works on all Windows Applications – TinySpell

    Every day in our busy work schedule, knowingly or unknowingly we tend to make lot of spelling mistakes . It doesn’t look good if the email or work we send to our higher officials or outsiders has lots of Spell Errors or Spelling Mistakes. Some times it may effect on Our Impression , because of […]

    Control your Windows Security Settings using Security Control Manager

    Even though you might be using a good antivirus, Hackers can still try to hack your computer using some security loop holes that come with Windows OS. Of course Windows Operating System has good controls on security. But, Some times we may choose a settings unknowingly which may give a lead to hackers to Hack […]

    Improve productivity on Microsoft Word 2010 using Power House addon

    It would be very helpful for MS Word users, If Google search is available within the MS Word tool bar. User need not open Browser to search the web. This will save lot of time and leads to improve your productivity. This can be achieved with small addon Power House. Power House is a Microsoft […]

    How to Download your Favourite Flash Games

    Everybody likes to play Flash Games. Most of the Flash Games can be played online because of their small size and also takes less system resources like Memory , CPU etc. Flash Games also looks attractive and very easy to play. Many websites offer to play flash games for FREE. I am sure you might […]

    How to Rectify Printer Queue Clear / Deleting Print Job Problem

    Every user may have experienced this problem at least once while taking the Print of a PDF or Document or Image or any file. When you cancel or Delete a Print Job after giving a print command. Sometimes, Windows may take much of time to just clear the Printer Queue. We have to wait until […]

    How to Display Folder size including all File sizes Graphically

    By default, Windows shows the size of the selected Folder as a whole or a Drive as a whole. What if you want to see the size of all the folders and files within a specific folder or drive at one go? FolderSize is a tiny utility which can Display Folder Size including all Files […]

    Download Power Plan Assistant for Smart Power Management on Laptops

    Power Plan Assistant is the world’s smartest power management tool, created specifically for Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. It’s an ultimate manual / automatic power plan switcher with a compact yet very informative system Power icon replacement (option) and lots of other goods. Power Plan Assistant for Windows® 7 – Features and Benefits

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