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    Download Blogger app for iOS

    Blogger App for iOS has been launched. This is a great news for all the bloggers how are using Blogspot as the platform and iOS device. With the Blogger app, you can write a new blog post and publish it immediately or save it as a draft right from your iOS device. You can also […]

    GMail allows Free calls to home (US) from Gmail for all U.S. service members

    This is a good news for all the US troops serving overseass. They can now use GMail service to make free calls to their loved ones and stay in touch from far away. All military personnel with valid United States Military (.mil) email addresses can make calls to the United States, right from Gmail. There […]

    Now Call via Gmail in 38 languages with lower rates to over 150 destinations

    Google has some good news for all of us. Gmail now allows users to make calls to over 150 destinations and supports 38 languages. They started the Call service right from GMail to any mobile phone or landline in the US. Now, they are supporting more destinations and also 38 new languages. You can now […]

    EmailIntervention.com : Request your friends to switch from outdated email to GMail

    Google has launched a new website http://www.emailintervention.com/. This website is created for those who would like their friends or relatives still using some outdated email service and you would like them to switch from it to GMail. As I mentioned before, I started using GMail just after Gmail was introduced. I got it via invite […]

    GMail now Notifies your mail forwarding and delegation settings

    Google will release a new feature in Gmail soon. It is a great feature and very important to those who have been using Gmail for years now. I am one of them. Using since its inception. Like many of you, I have few Mail Forwarding and Delegation settings done in GMail. But, that was long […]

    Make and Receive multiple calls in Gmail

    Google will now allow GMail users to make or receive multiple calls in Gmail. GMail users can now make second call by putting the first call on hold and talk on the second call. You can also switch between calls by just pressing the “Resume” button. Same is the case with Receiving incoming calls. Just […]

    Protect people from Malware using data

    Google has made an interesting change to the Google Search Engine results. From today, users will be notified with a prominent notication at the top of their Google web search results which will alert the users that they are infected with the malware. As we work to protect our users and their information, we sometimes […]

    New Gmail Gadget for iGoogle by Google

    Google will introduce the new Gmail Gadget for iGoogle. This new Gmail Gadget has new features + improments to the existing features. You can check email, watch videos, catch up on the latest news, check the weather, and more. This new GMail Gadget for iGoogle is also rolled out for mobile gmail version so that […]

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