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    Archive for the ‘How-To’ Category

    How to Merge Multiple PDF Documents for Free

    Most of them use PDF documents to read them and some of them also generate as e-books and distribute them. Some authors prefer publishing their long PDF documents in multiple parts, instead of one long PDF document. They do this because it is easier for readers to open it in mobile devices. If the PDF […]

    How to Download Videos From MegaVideo

    MegaVideo is one of the top video sharing sites after Youtube. MegaVideo has got a lots and lots of videos. There are lots of possible ways to download videos from Youtube. If you don’t know this then check How to Download Videos from YouTube But, for those who want to strong>download MegaVideo videos face problems […]

    How to Access Gmail Offline using Google Gears

    Few months ago, Google released Google Gears. WordPress uses Google Gears to speed up the Administration Pages. What is Google Gears? Google Gear is a extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers that allows to navigate on compatible websites offline and synchronize when going back online. Today, Google has rolled out a new Gmail feature […]

    How to Add WordPress pages to Nav Bar

    Few days back, I shared a wordpress trick on How to Add categories to Nav Bar. Today, i wan to share one more WordPress Trick. If you look at the Header section of this blog, you will see the Nav Bar. It includes pages and also some categories. You can see from the above, that […]

    How to add Comment Link in Single Post – WordPress

    Have you noticed Home Page of this blog? On the right of each Post Title you will see a balloon image which shows number of comments for the post. This is a hyper link, if clicked will take you to the comments section of the post. Most of the themes comes with this feature. My […]

    How to Add categories to Nav Bar – WordPress

    Arun from BeFolks has asked me a question. The question was “How to include categories on the Nav Bar”? I thought if i blog the solution, It can also help other readers of this blog. If you look at the Header section of this blog, you will see the Nav Bar. It includes pages and […]

    How to Launch Multiple Apps with a Single Click – Lacuna Launcher

    I think most of you do the same as me. After i boot my PC, I always launch a set of applications. But opening one by one will be a slow process. What if you wish to launch all applications at one go with a single click? Lacuna Launcher is the free program that allows […]

    Open your websites faster using Keyboard Hotkeys – “SiteLauncher” (a Firefox Add-on)

    Most of us bookmark websites so that we can jump on to the website quickly. But, what if you have organized your bookmarks that have 10-20 categories each having 10-20 websites in it. The time taken to browse through the bookmarks menu and select a particular website is more than typing the website address. SiteLauncheris […]

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