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    How to Delete files permanently from HDD

    Even though I empty my trash, there is the possibility of someone retrieving some of the information because it is still lurking somewhere on my hard drive. If this is true, why can’t I go to that particular place, see what’s there and delete it myself anytime I wish? This is an old story but […]

    Find Shortest Distance Between Any Two Locations On Earth – Using Google Maps or Google Earth

    Today, I am going to tell you how to find the shortest distance in kilometers between any two points on the globe. You can also check the shortest line drawn on the Google map between the two points after calculating the distance. After you read this post, you will be able to find the shortest […]

    How to Find and Remove Duplicate Images or Pictures from your PC

    Most of us save Images, Pictures, Wallpapers in our PC from the Internet, CD’s, Friend’s PC or photos taken from our Digital Camera. Most of us love to have a collection of beautiful images, pictures in any format like jpeg, bmp, gif or any other extension. After some days, months and years, your hard drive […]

    How to Share Your Desktop With Friends – Team Viewer

    Guys, I found a very useful tool. It is a simple software that lets you access any computer that is connected to the internet. You can show your own desktop to a partner over the Internet and demonstrate your own software, solutions and presentations or give tech support if they run into some problems. Download […]

    How to protect yourself from Keyloggers

    My suggestion to all is always try to avoid accessing your bank accounts or mailbox from public computers (cyber cafes…etc). With all the keyloggers that may be stuffed in public computers, they pose a serious security threat to users. Keyloggers mean not just Trojans, but commercial keyloggers as well. What are key loggers ? Key […]

    How To Geo-Target Ads based on visitors location

    Today, I am going to tell how i implemented Geo-Targeting Ads based on visitors country. Let me first explain Why Geo-Target Ads and How you can implement it on your domain/site or your blog. There are some advertising networks who only pay if the visitors are from a specific country say USA or Canada. I […]

    How to open files that have unusual file extensions

    Imagine you just downloaded a file from the internet or have a file on your PC that has an extension that you have never seen before. Now, you want to know as to which program or application can open this? I had faced this problem few years back. For Instance: I downloaded games with some […]

    How to Hide browser at workplace

    How to Hide Browser at Office Today, I am going to pass on a trick that i am using from a long time, way back from 2003. I use it everyday, umpteen times a day at my workplace. Most of you those who browse at workplace ( to pass the time ) and don’t want […]

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