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    Archive for the ‘Java’ Category

    How to avoid serialization of sub-class of super class which implements Serializable interface?

    In Java, all sub-classes of super class which implements Serializable interfaces becomes serializable. What If you want to make sub-class non serialiazable ? It is possible to make a sub class non serializable. There is no such feature in java where you can make the sub-class unimplement an interface which is implemented by super class. […]

    Find Jar files of any Java class file – FindJar.com

    Last week during my daily work at job, I faced a problem. The problem was I was getting compilation error in Java project in Eclipse IDE. The error was “Cannot find Classname”. I didn’t encounter the “Cannot find Classname” error in my whole Java Experience. I wanted to find the Jar file which contains this […]

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