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    Archive for the ‘P2P – Torrents’ Category

    Convert Video Torrents to iTunes, Playstation, Xbox format using VUZE

    Vuze is one of the most popular Torrent Client. Vuze was recently updated. The new version of Vuze comes with a new feature called auto-conversion. I download lots of videos using Torrents. But, most of the video torrents are good to watch on Desktop or Laptop. What if you want them to be copied in […]

    How to Tweak Torrent Client for Faster Torrent Download Speeds

    If you are new to the torrent world, then you should first check read this: GUIDE to Download Movies, Software, Tv Shows using Torrents and then continue reading this post. I going to show a Tweak to Increase the Torrent Download Speed. I think most of them have come across some Tweaks to make Internet […]

    How to find which Private BitTorrent Sites are Open for Signups

    I know a lot of people keep checking the Private BitTorrent sites for open registrations Guide because Private Torrent Trackers has its own advantages. These sites have to be checked regularly lest you may miss out the opportunity to sign up. If you don’t know what torrent is all about then check this: Guide to […]

    10 Best Private Torrent Trackers List – What is Private Torrent Tracker?

    If you don’t know what torrent is all about then first check this : How to download movies, software, tv shows and many more using Torrents In the above post, you will find information about torrent, leaching, seeding, etc,. What is private tracker?

    How to Download Movies, Software, Tv Shows and many more using Torrents

    Today, I am going tell What is torrent all about and a Guide to Download Movies, Software, TV Shows using Torrents. What is Torrent ? Torrent is also called as BitTorrent. Torrent is a technology that is used to distribute large amounts of data widely without incurring the corresponding consumption in costly server and bandwidth […]

    Best Peer-to-Peer sites to share your favorite files online for free

    Sharing files in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) method is increasing day by day on the Web. In Peer-to-Peer method files will not be stored at any place. Files from one computer to another computer will be transferred directly. Here we don’t have any limit on file size. Size of file being shared depends upon the RAM used […]

    Browser stops working after starting uTorrent client

    Two days back, my browser suddenly stopped working. I usually use Firefox. I thought may be there is some problem with Firefox browser. I then tried to open a website in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. But, i got same result. No site was opening. I noticed one strange thing, uTorrent BitTorrent client was downloading […]

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