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    How To Geo-Target Ads based on visitors location

    Today, I am going to tell how i implemented Geo-Targeting Ads based on visitors country. Let me first explain Why Geo-Target Ads and How you can implement it on your domain/site or your blog. There are some advertising networks who only pay if the visitors are from a specific country say USA or Canada. I […]

    URL Alias for Mozilla FireFox – Very Useful Feature

    Guys, I was waiting for this feature from long time and its absence was making me stick to Maxthon Browser. Here it is : URL Alias that is a built-in feature of Firefox. Kudos to a reader of this blog who commented the following after reading this Article/Post Browser Wars Maxthon Vs Firefox :

    All in One Messenger

    Internet geeks will agree with me that Meebo solved the problem of having to open various messaging applications( Yahoo Messenger, AOL, MSN). It was really cool and people simply loved it. I started using it only recently. Believe me, it does save you a lot of time and the computer a lot of processing time. […]

    SPAMBOX – Get a temporary email address with email forwarding feature

    I found this interesting site Spam Box. It is a service that allows you to create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address. I entered my email address then selected expiry time as 1 hour and click the “Generate spambox” button. Here you go, a new email-id […]

    Free POP3 access for Yahoo Mail

    Today, I am going to tell on How to get Free POP3 access for your Yahoo Mail account. What is POP3? POST OFFICE PROTOCOL. More on it @ Wiki. If your email provider provides free POP3 service, You need not login to the account to check your mails. You can use email clients like Microsoft […]

    How to open files that have unusual file extensions

    Imagine you just downloaded a file from the internet or have a file on your PC that has an extension that you have never seen before. Now, you want to know as to which program or application can open this? I had faced this problem few years back. For Instance: I downloaded games with some […]

    How to Hide browser at workplace

    How to Hide Browser at Office Today, I am going to pass on a trick that i am using from a long time, way back from 2003. I use it everyday, umpteen times a day at my workplace. Most of you those who browse at workplace ( to pass the time ) and don’t want […]

    Is Yahoo Chat safe ?

    Want to ask you “Is Yahoo Chat safe ?”. Think…. My answer: well, it depends… I came to know from my 10+2 friend Maqsood that one can peep into others yahoo chat messages… Lets start from the networking perspective. As most of you know, any data in network is passed as a packet. Every packet […]

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