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    Edit your favorite Images and Videos online or in Mobiles for free at JayCut.com

    Think that you are away from your personal computer or laptop and are on a tour or a business trip. You suddenly find some photos or Videos and you want to edit them. What will you do then..?. Your Video Editing Software or Image Editing software that you purchased is installed in your Personal Computer […]

    Best Peer-to-Peer sites to share your favorite files online for free

    Sharing files in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) method is increasing day by day on the Web. In Peer-to-Peer method files will not be stored at any place. Files from one computer to another computer will be transferred directly. Here we don’t have any limit on file size. Size of file being shared depends upon the RAM used […]

    Now Listen to Hindi Songs Legally online via Google Music India

    In the past, I had shared on How to Listen to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Songs. But from today, you can listen to Hindi Songs Legally on Google! Google has launched its online music service in India. Yes you heard it right. The Search Engine giant will now service the music lovers in India. It allows […]

    Randomize list of Names or Words or Numbers using Online Tool RandomizeList.com

    You would have definitely find lots of situations when you have list of names, list of numbers, list of words or list of anything and you would like to randomize that list. RandomizeList is a Online tool that can help you in Randomizing List. Just open the website – RandomizeList, Copy the list that you […]

    How to create your own handwriting Font and send mails to your friends with your own handwriting

    You must have thought at least once that why not have a Font which is based on your own Hand Writing? I have thought about that and now have a Font with own handwriting. Yes, you can create hand writing font using the website Pilothandwriting. Here you can create your own handwriting font and can […]

    Get your Facebook Notifications, messages, pokes, walls, event invites,friends requests, tagged photos and shares on your Desktop system tray

    The most famous social networking web site using in the world is Facebook. Facebook was started in February, 2004 by Facebook Inc. ca. Now, Facebook is used by millions of users to share their photos, views, messages, pokes, friends invites and requests. Facebook Users every time need to login to check about the updates. This […]

    How to stop the E-Bay and Pay pal phishing links e-mails in your Gmail Account through Simple settings in Gmail Labs

    Phishing is the process of attempting to acquire sensitive information like user names, passwords, credit card details and debit card details. User unknowingly enters his/her secret information at duplicate but same looking websites. Phishing attacks are increasing day by day, due to lack of awareness in users. Auction sites like E-bay and online payment sites […]

    Store and Share up to 50 GB Online Storage free at Adrive.com

    Store and share your favorite photos, music, movies and documents on web up to 50 GB Free. Couple of months back, I shared a similar tip on Share your Favourite Movies / Photos / Videos / Data with Unlimited Size. Every time need not carry Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs and External Hard Disks etc where […]

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